By nick_of_time - 23/05/2010 14:23 - United States

Today, the supervisory staff at work was changed in my area. The good news? My boyfriend is now my manager. The bad news? My ex, the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with, is our supervisor. FML
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nick_of_time tells us more.

Lol, people are soo funny. I agree with half of the post on here. Karma is indeed a bitch but as for me saying FML because now they might find out and I'll get punished well, they both already know so not so much. BTW, no hearts were broken so wrong again.

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ydi for cheating ahaha

You spun your own web and got stuck in it. I have no sympathy.


can I say your a dumbass for cheating and fuck your ex's life

ydi for being a cheating bitch

Bad and good things happen to good and bad people in unequal amounts, though. Karma was not to blame, you merely deserved this.

wow you work with both? awkward!

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater hope I never have to meet her!

How does OP think this is FML when she openly caused the situation to happen by sleeping with not one, but TWO men she works with? One is dumb to begin with!!! OP, YDI in the worst way possible.

karma; one. op; zero. dumbass<3

I hope your boyfriend finds out, then you will be working with TWO ex's.

I don't even think the cheating is the worst part here. You are sleeping with (at least) two men you work with. Therefore, your stupidity is laughable... tee hee... YDI

how did this even get through moderation? stupid fucking cheating shank. YDI and a bag of crabs.

Trying to blow your way to the top eh?

Why are people so stupid? Clearly youll get a raise if you ask for a 3 way. That is as long as you give their dicks a raise.

34, I like ur pic. :)

This is Karma. and Karma is always deserved. sooo....YDI

fuck you cheating bitch YDI whore

what 69 said... YDI

op, do you really expect sympathy?? lolol

Another one of my bf did bla bla blaaaaaaaaa..... FYL op seriously

20, this comment is mean to pumpkins

Boring... fyl for being a boring whore. I wonder if ur boyfriends read this

you sound like a damn slut, you deserve it b****

ur an asshole for cheating

yea cheaters never win

cheaters never win and winners never cheat... stupid bitch.

And I suspect the head of the company's your pimp, yes?

i guess you could say your underneath(sorry bout the spelling) both of them :)

hey OP, clearly the problem is you. they should fire you and then hire someone a lil less skanky.

*sniiiiiiiiff* I love the smell of a paycut in the morning.

ya ur a slut and a horrible person u derserve it

ydi for cheating ahaha

wooo getting closer to number one. haha YDI. that's all your fault

You spun your own web and got stuck in it. I have no sympathy.

Karma, its a bitch remember that

you are soo screwed

Looks like she's been screwed a few too many times. BTW the stock boy needs some loving also since you seem to enjoy sleeping with ALL your co- workers.

wow that is a fail and ydi for cheating

Cheaters never win. They always get fucked in the end.

Or in the REAR end. Haha, get it? Oh... That's right... I'm not funny *foreveralone face*

Cheaters always receive their comeuppance, OP. That would be good to remember for next time.