By nick_of_time - United States
Today, the supervisory staff at work was changed in my area. The good news? My boyfriend is now my manager. The bad news? My ex, the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with, is our supervisor. FML
nick_of_time tells us more :
Lol, people are soo funny. I agree with half of the post on here. Karma is indeed a bitch but as for me saying FML because now they might find out and I'll get punished well, they both already know so not so much. BTW, no hearts were broken so wrong again.
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  godofcyanide  |  8

How does OP think this is FML when she openly caused the situation to happen by sleeping with not one, but TWO men she works with? One is dumb to begin with!!! OP, YDI in the worst way possible.