By nomorefreehugs - 27/06/2011 23:34 - United States

Today, I saw a guy with a "free hugs" poster. Since nobody else was hugging him, I decided to. He had a boner. FML
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Fmyspam 0

Well you made him happy!!

You know you liked it OP.


pwincessa23 1

^^^ never hug s person with a free hugs sign! they're creepy!

Trupe 3

It was just a roll of quarters.....chill OP.

IphonFML 6

take it as a compliment :P

shrinkydinks 0

it's just a boner. it's not like he raped you or something

Well you know what they say, every1luvsboners!

MissBunnyWillEat 11

And his chode boner turned you on, right? Be honest with yourself, OP.

asoptavlo14 6

Haha the hugs are normally costly but there was a giveaway and boners usually come with the hugs, therefore OP just got 2 free things. Lucky duck!!

if your the first freaking poster, why the hell would you just say 'hahahahahaha'??? wth!

Volcano47 0

then he stalked you and looked at you through windows. great you have a stalker on your hands:)

Volcano47 0

well what would you say " igot a b*ner from this"^^ you are retarded

Hi_Itz_Me 0

hmm.. I just realized that the OP could be a guy..

darlingdollie 24

says the girl kissing that rat thing?

Maybe his sign should've said "free boner" instead.

imthatguythatdid 0

AHH!!!! A!!! boner....

probably why nobody was hugging him...

So... have my baby? Oh, and add Enonymous and Cheddardolphin to your list... they're both aspiring DocBastard's

^^^ >>> 38

Jojo08_fml 0

#58 does it really matter

missmurderx 8

9- says the girl getting felt up by chuckie cheese.

you get what you pay for?

gibby1235 6

I'm pretty sure the sign said free...

OP awesome name by the way!

lolwutsameme 0

15, A guy who takes a picture of only his abs is like a fat girl who takes a picture of only their face.

wouldn't that be a compliment?

Don't flatter yourself OP... It was probably just a banana in his pocket...

karinabeby 0

that's disgusting.

darkch0colate 0

who wouldn't get a boner in that situation?

Mmm yesss... oh wait, OP is a girl. Crap.

54 - It doesn't say so.

ripjohnlennon 5


Fmyspam 0

Well you made him happy!!

well, everyonelovesboners!

yeah people did that at rocko shops one time :/ lol u just got even luckier with a boner :P

DietSunDrop 0

he got a little too excited that someone hugged him

43 that's already been said here. and you spelt his name wrong

BigHoshJosh 0

bow chicka bow wow

130 I did it on purpose. and I didn't realize that it had already been said.

You know you liked it OP.

The man liked it more

Well, considering OP's username, she didn't.

no... OP liked it so much he/she didnt want to tarnish that godly memory with another free hug that could be less pleasurable.

i would thumbs the comment up but it has 69 thumbs and I will not be the douche to ruin that xD

OP shouldn't take it personally... The man just really enjoys volunteer work.

79DrAwkwArD97 0

Why is it "gross"?

because no one likes it when a man you don't want pokes you with his junk

151 - thats kinda a dumb question lol

Shaniaaa20 0


Does 'hugs' mean 'boner' in New Jersey? If so, I think I found your problem...

xPsYcHO_KILLa_x 0

screw you new jersey is not what tv makes it out to be

haha 11s just trying to be funny and it worked dont get so defensive next time

chickunkey 0

With such a defensive response, I'm willing to guess it's exactly as tv makes it seem. haha

demonmarine22 0

what they said

Aw man, now I feel obligated to defend NJ since I live there, but I know that all that'll happen is that a bunch of jokes will stem from my defense. So instead, ladies and gentlemen, Conway Twitty.

yes it is. everyone has wayyy touch much fake tan and they fuck on the first date.

ppl in jersey are like tv haha

77 I don't see how you find this comment funny. it's stupid. an eight year old could come up with a better comment.

Lumenoire 0

11: You wouldn't understand, it's a New Jersey thing.

dentondobbins 0

its worse

jersey is nothing like jersey shore ...

kayleighc 0

shut the fucck up.

was It before or after u hugged him he was "showning up"

Wow you must give good hugs!

theten_fml 9

anyone want a hug?