By Anonymous - 14/08/2011 20:21 - United Kingdom

Today, my religious parents were hosting a family dinner. Not only did we have to wait over an hour for my grandma to finally show up, but when she did, she had her 30 year old boytoy in tow. Apparently, "Granny has needs too you know, hahaha!" Goodbye peaceful family. FML
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Hey, I think this is one of my clients! Olive R. Boys? Best old people sex I'd ever had.

I see what you did there, whatwith the god thing and the religious FML.

Damn_Hippster 11

Old people have feelings? Who knew?!

kelseygoesrawr 8

Well that's odd, I was replying to a different comment when I posted that, and now that comment is gone. >.

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That would be a funny conversation! lol

What does your parents being religious have to do with... Well, anything?

hopelessxdesign 5

religious parents + family dinner + grandma + man 30 years younger then her = Not peaceful dinner

andy_l 14

You can take some tips from her one day.

Jaimegirl 7

yeah the religious part seems rather odd... "Today, I rode my school bus to school, when I got to school a bully threw me into the dumpster! Stupid School bus!"

Religious parents? Even normal parents might find this weird.

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you have a gang$ter grandma! my grandma wears granny panties while OP's grandma doesn't wear any..period!

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Hey, I don't blame the guy. Nothing like a ****** the size of a wizard's sleeve to get you turned on!

Yeah, I'd find this awkward even if the OP's parents worshipped the devil.

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Religious parents + grannie "living in sin" with a much younger man = freak out

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all I can say is. you go grandma way to get some!!

yoursucklives 36

OP's granny is obviously a GILF.

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Athiests and Agnostics have morals as well. I don't think it matters the faith - most people would find it odd and might be a bit upset about it.

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aww, grannys not a cougar, she just likes sex!!;P

TheLastChild 8

With men probably 30 years her junior...

age doesn't matter, stop making out she's so slutty XD

TheLastChild 8

Since when is being a cougar slutty?

That's no ******* cougar thats a mountain lion

I didn't say she was slutty, calm down,

TheLastChild 8

.... Does my text appear to not be calm? You like to assume.. And you know what they say about assuming...

I'd call her slutty anyway And that dude is looking for a little too easy of a score

60, some people like older women and men, I just can't imagine them naked:P

@ #40 - a mountain lion and cougar is the same animal... loll

73- I know, my aunt married someone 20 years younger than her It's just my opinion that if she's a grandma she obviously had kids (hopefully married too) a while ago, and now is hanging out with a 30 year old SOME people might get the wrong idea

Please tell me you didn't just do that 88....

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hey, 88 was just correcting a mistake

a mountain lion and cougar are the same thing

i think it can also be called a puma? :)

They are different breeds of cat. They are NOT the exact same.

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that last child girl is hot

SteelCladAngel 0 *cough* anyway.... Granny is no cougar, she's a friggin sabertooth! Lol

Marry me 127. We would be unstoppable in arguements with our infinite knowledge of the insignifigant facts!

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Don't you wanna be a cougar?

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er... mountain lion, puma, cougar, etc are all names for puma concolor (previously felis concolor meaning cat of one color).

101, also, one of my best friends dads is 20 years older then her mom, and i agree that if you love someone, or find them attractive, then thats all good:)

Omg I meant 139... Oh well.... But I guess I did... So... Amg Yes I do! i do! Thats what you're supposed to say... Right?

ninjawatcher 2

I can only imangine your parents faces.

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just imagine granny's when she's getting plowed by younger men...

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you dont even know what they look like

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and him considering he's just waiting for her to be pushin up daisies...

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Well... They do need special care ;)

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