By sheisselluv - 11/05/2014 20:30 - Germany - Gera

Today, was my first day of work in my life. I was excited, and so was my dad, who saw me to the door and ruffled my hair as he wished me luck. I didn't notice until half an hour after arriving at work that he'd stuck his gum in my hair. Nobody bothered to tell me. FML
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Melodija 19

Oh god, can you get it out or do you have to cut it out? That's a great first impression though :P


Melodija 19

Oh god, can you get it out or do you have to cut it out? That's a great first impression though :P

Ice is great for getting gum out of hair. Better than peanut butter IMO.

jazzy_123 20

mayonnaise? or some type of oil?

OP might take advice from Google as opposed to FML commenters...IMO.

badluckalex 23

where do you think they got these suggestions...? I want to know how op didnt feel the gum in their hair?? if the dad "ruffled" it around you would definitely feel it

Maybe op has thick hair. I have thick hair and I can understand how she wouldn't feel it.

gjikvtj 18

Well numba 4 - ya see - YA DUN ****** UP!

Yeah, hopefully the boss didn't chew her out over it.

Did you not see the exact same comment right above you?

They probably posted at the same time.

They did post it at the same time. But you've also got to remember that some people like saying the same puns again and again...and again...and again. It makes for an extremely interesting comment section.

When I commented, it showed 0 comments. :) I had my 15 seconds of fame though.. XD

oh my ****, why dont people think about the fact that there are versions of fml that you can click comment before having scrolled down, or you could have scrolled down fast past the comments to write your thought. theres no rule that you habe to read every single comment before posting..

ilytyvm 25

Wow, that seems awfully unnecessary. You should play it off as a joke and say that having gum in your hair is the latest in fashion.

jazzy_123 20

The fact that this comment has come up 3 times in one FML is becoming a "sticky situation"

The second time was kind of acceptable since it was the same minute. This third one was ages away (by that I mean two minutes)

Well at least you made an impression Haha :)

Yeah I'm sure everyone will remember her.

I doubt it was an accident, what can he do?? " I accidentally spit my gum on your hair and accidentally forgot to tell you about it?"

They probably just thought it was a hair barret.

well you best be careful in handling such a sticky situation.

9 minutes after the third time. Wow. I don't even....

kingdomgirl94 29

Dad needs a kick in the junk. Who the hell does that?

The exact same person who'd suggest for someone to kick their own father. In the junk.

kingdomgirl94 29

You've obviously never had gum stuck in your hair. I think humiliating your own daughter and possibly making her cut her hair off, doing it on her first day of work ever, (a huge milestone in life) and the fact that this is something that will affect the perception of her at work for a very long time, means he is deserving of a swift kick in the nads. Father or not, that's absolutely horrible to do to someone.

rachangie 19

I don't think that something this mild deserves a kick in the junk...that seems a bit severe to me. "Oh you stuck gum in my hair, let me possibly damage your parts for it." Seems reasonable...

Until you have junk, don't think it's ok to just go around kicking our jewels.

kingdomgirl94 29

Unless you're a girl with hair past your ears, and are a young person trying to get ahead in a tough economy and make a good impression on your boss and coworkers, you shouldn't stick gum in peoples hair as a stupid ******* joke.