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Today, as I returned home, I noticed some movement inside my house. Thinking it was a break-in, I called 911. It was my friends and some coworkers trying to throw me a surprise birthday party. Nobody's said a word to me since. FML
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Eh - Screw them if they can't realize the completely logical reaction you had to noticing suspicious movement within your own home. You made the right decision.


'We wasted the good surprise on you!' In this case, on the police. Big Daddy anyone?

And that my friends is why you invite at least one cop to surprise birthday parties. A non ticket-happy cop so you wont get arrested for arson for lighting the candles.

Looks like you ended up surprising them, OP.

Eh - Screw them if they can't realize the completely logical reaction you had to noticing suspicious movement within your own home. You made the right decision.

OP was absolutely right. I also would have called 911.

Exactly, and if they should be mad at anyone, it should be at themselves for sucking at being hidden and ruining your birthday.

You all should be less paranoid. And possibly move to a safer neighborhood

They say its better to be safe than sorry

Yes, but expecting the worst is a really sad way of living.

I'd give you two thumbs up if I could, #2. Sometimes friends are just so stupid.

They wanted to surprise you. Well, they did.

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Hey at least OP didn't go in there with a gun ready to shoot intruders

Woop woop that's the sound of ending :(

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your party favors are the breaking and entering charges

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Only if they tipped off the officers too, have to think about everything.

They deserve it ! Surprise parties are just stupid, who knows what you're doing when they show..

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suprise party's can be nice if planned correctly. they usually have a friend go with the person to the house to stop them from doing things like calling cops. OP'S friends just didn't plan the party right which caused all these problems

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Obviously nobody's ever thrown you a surprise party... :(

#6 Let me tell you why that's bullshit

I have been to several surprise parties. Some have been successful, others not so much. The least successful one involved the girl in question coming home with her boyfriend and stripping in the hallway. She was furious when we jumped out and said "surprise." The most successful surprise parties usually had someone invite the individual somewhere then come with them to the house. The ones that left the birthday boy/girl alone usually ended in them being pissed off or angry.

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So much for the surprise. I bet they were surprised you called the cops. Happy birthday, I guess.

Throw another party! with sexy female cop strippers!

That's why you always have someone with you who's in on the surprise to stop stuff like this happening. Sounds like they didn't think it out.

You saw someone in your house when it was meant to be empty, you're supposed to call the police. It's ridiculous if they're refusing to speak to you over this. If anything it gives you and your friends a hilarious story of the time they tried to hold a surprise party and got busted by the cops. Those are the stories you retell for life. I don't get what their problem is.