By Anonymous - 30/6/2021 08:01 - Luxembourg - Luxembourg

Feed me!

Today, my Visa card randomly stopped working. I have no other way of getting money or paying for anything. I was going to buy next week's food tomorrow, but I guess I'll just starve instead. FML
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  Yudith  |  20

Better; some people have installed random fridges throughout various cities where you can get free food. No lock, no guard, no question asked; you go there, take the food, and that's it. They are stocked by donations. There are also random pantries stocked with cans, packages of pasta, bottles of Ensure, dozens of packets of sauces, etc. which do the same, but with non perishable food. I'm sure you can find where they are over the Internet. Then, when your Visa card works again, you can put food in the Free Food fridge instead of removing it.

  TwoBytesCarley  |  19

They can also stop working if the Visa company suspects that the card has been compromised. I’ve had that happen once when I went to use it in another country (Visa thought it was stolen) and another time when someone attempted to buy stuff online with it (in this case it had been compromised). Definitely call the card company or go to the bank that issued the card and they’ll be able to tell you immediately what the issue is.

By  DarkAngelsBlade  |  25

Look, it'll take seconds, you can hook your bank up and do a slow transfer in, or see if the card will work but not the physical one and have instant transfer. Get cashapp, you can use my referral code and get $5, but you can open up a cash card, and they have boosts like 5% off groceries up to $7.50 (5% of $150). Hope this helps. GNKKBGV

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  32

Step 1: Mask the fuck up.
Step 2: Visit your bank.
Step 3: Queue (check your mask is in place)
Step 4: Approach the teller (do not ask for Penn, this is old)
Step 5: Ensuring your mask is doing its job, say to the teller; "Yo dog, my card wrecked itself before I could check itself."
Step 6: Safely hand the teller your card (if need be, apply sanitizer to your card first)
Step 7: The teller will scan your card, and will reply; "Sorry homie, it's busted."
Step 8: Ask the teller if you can still get your hands on some lettuce if you provide your passport and answer some security questions.
Step 9: The teller's response will most likely be; "It's 2021 motherfucker. Download Apple Pay onto your phone, connect it to your bank account, and pay for your groceries like you know what technology is."