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Today, Twilight once again won all the awards at MTV, beating out Inception, Toy Story 3, Harry Potter, etc. This is MY generation. FML
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it's MTV, so who gives a shit what they think?

MTV is just a trend follower. they have no standards.


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i know right? sorry for a first lame comment

it's MTV, so who gives a shit what they think?

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wtf this is bs i commented first . **** you moderators

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this is the only comment that makes sense. there's nothing else to be said.

Exactly..... MTV = Jersey Shore... I mean for ***** sake, you can't take a network like that seriously.

if Toy Story beat out both of them I would have been sad too.

I have reserved a special place for the creators, actors and fans of twilight. it's gonna be filled with crosses, garlic, holy water and pineapples.

exactly what 1 and 22 said. you can't take them serious. in Canada a show called MTV live, the hosts are just trollolololling.. but it hilarious

jersey shore isn't that bad

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MTV became shit when they stopped playing music videos and started focusing on reality shows.

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Say what you like but shows like Geordie shore and Blue Mountain State are mighty fine entertainment.

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30- haha yeah... wait, why pineapples?

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i dont even know if you can call it MUSIC Television anymore oh and **** Twilight

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MTV is garbage. I mean, what if everything else advertised that they do something they don't? "Hello? Is this Pizza Hut?" "Yes, how may I help you?" "I would like a pizza." "Sorry, we don't do that anymore." It's stupid; let them think Twilight is good.

25, Toy Story is the best! Just cause I cried during the last one...

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correction 79 they started showing *fake* reality shows

Since when was MTV ruled by the opinions of prepubescent girls?

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I've never understood the hype about Harry Potter, Twilight, or Toy Story 3. All bad.

toy story was and is a monument to our childhood

Twilight is terrible. It's just a story about a hyperactive emo girl who can't choose between Necrophelia and Bestialify.

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MTV turned to shit after the 80's when not only started focusing on reality but only cared about this rap bullshi!!! I always thought since they have MTV2 keep MTV like the original and play all that shit on MTV2 then maybe everyone can be happy and stop complaining

MTV is run by retards, how can you pick twilight over Inception?

I was horrified when I found out the Bieber Movie over Black Swan. Black swan was the coolest movie I had ever watched. That was like picking Kanye West over Lawrence Fisburn. I might as well leave the country from all of this this stupidity. =____=U I think I'm going to rent the Black Swan again.

The MTV Awards are more rigged than the NBA. :/

I remember when it was frowned upon to be a teen mom. Now you get your own TV show.

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toy story was the shit back then! still is!

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I stopped watching and watched the NBA Finals once Justin Fagber won most "jaw dropping moment". Seriously? How the **** did that even get nominated?! All he did was jump on the stage!!!

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135 What is this I don't even... Justin ficking bieber beat INCEPTION?!?!?! Were all doomed...

The only people who don't like Inception are the people who are too stupid to comprehend it.

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I can't say I'm surprised. Lately everything MTV plays makes me want to puke blood.

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Let me guess, all you people insulting the Bieber movie haven't seen it. It won for jaw dropping moment. In the clip they showed him singing, which I'll admit isn't jaw dropping. But in the big picture, the fact that he came from a poor family, using YouTube, to being one of the biggest stars in the world? That's pretty jaw dropping.

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Pineapples are quite unpleasant to walk/land on.

okay I understand your opinion because those movies that Justin went against were amazing, and I agree he shouldn't have beat them, but you should watch Never Say Never and then you'll understand why it is a good movie. it is actually touching and many adults watch it and and grow respect for him. before you critisize something so harshly know more about It than commercials and the fan base. thanks

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to be honest I don't really have a problem with the twilight movies.. in 2009 when they where winning all the awards I was excited for them.. but now it's just getting really ******* annoying. best fight should of gone to kickass and best kiss should of gone to inception, and they should have no way in hell won best movie.. Harry potter all the way man, I mean FFS for the past decade almost all of us grew up watching them grow up with us, that's our generations movie. not ******* twilight

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and to think that they are the future... there is no hope

I agree jersey shore isn't that bad. you guys say that show is horrible and trashy when you know your watching every new episode that comes on.. so shushh

calm down!! all you have to do is wait for the next thing to show up. oh and p.s. Twilight is the beat movie ever, next to the hangover!!!

DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT! didnt mean to thumb that last one up!

did they reserve those seats on the stage for the twilight cast? or were they constantly up there when they shouldnt have been? ....

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what r u saying that toy story sucks loser

Best kiss should have gone to Harry Potter! Shiny Harry and Hermione making out naked? Yes please!

Inception pwnd, you can't deny that. but the reason we hate pop and stuff is because of how popular it is, and people just fall right into it because they never heard of any other types, just songs about money/sex/weed. if rock or metal was played evenly, then maybe it would be more popular and people would realiZe that music isn't all about the lyrics, invade you haven't noticed, there's actually a guitar in most bands! I can guarantee you that in 10 years, no one who's born then will even know who (example) led zeppelin even is.

Inception pwnd, you can't deny that. but the reason we hate pop and stuff is because of how popular it is, and people just fall right into it because they never heard of any other types, just songs about money/sex/weed. if rock or metal was played evenly, then maybe it would be more popular and people would realiZe that music isn't all about the lyrics, invade you haven't noticed, there's actually a guitar in most bands! I can guarantee you that in 10 years, no one who's born then will even know who (example) led zeppelin even is.

Inception pwnd, you can't deny that. but the reason we hate pop and stuff is because of how popular it is, and people just fall right into it because they never heard of any other types, just songs about money/sex/weed. if rock or metal was played evenly, then maybe it would be more popular and people would realiZe that music isn't all about the lyrics, invade you haven't noticed, there's actually a guitar in most bands! I can guarantee you that in 10 years, no one who's born then will even know who (example) led zeppelin even is.

Inception pwnd, you can't deny that. but the reason we hate pop and stuff is because of how popular it is, and people just fall right into it because they never heard of any other types, just songs about money/sex/weed. if rock or metal was played evenly, then maybe it would be more popular and people would realiZe that music isn't all about the lyrics, invade you haven't noticed, there's actually a guitar in most bands! I can guarantee you that in 10 years, no one who's born then will even know who (example) led zeppelin even is.

the root of the problem is that OP is watching MTV

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340, Justin Bieber has a higher pitched voice then my 8 year old sister and Inception is still one of the best movies I've seen. I dont see how so many girls around my age like a prematured kid who my friends and I think is gay.

it would be jaw dropping if he had was actually talented. The fact is he is as good as any 15 year old with a decent voice. He just has the right look to make 12 year olds scream and faint when he says the word "Baby." I have to listen to his music for 8 hours a day... yeah.. mediocre at best.

It's only a matter of popularity unfortunately! We should kill all his fans!!!

erm sorry... I like lyrics. I can't stand a song, no matter house badass the guitar is, that goes, "I love you and I'm going to kill myself for you because I love you yeah yeah yeah **** yeah grenadeeeeee baby yeah" DAMN I JUST SANG A SONG ABOUT LOVE, WHERES MY AWARD?????

they don't call it music television anymore. it's just the initials now.

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"but guyz liek ohemgee biebz and taylor lautner r liek so totes hawt! nd he haz abs!!! omg abdominal muscles are somehow a big deal!!!!!!

shit... Justin bieber needs to grow a pair and talk like a 17 year old kid should, not like some 15 year old girl.. I mean he has his own women's perfume brand for God sakes!!

stfu ... that is not jaw droppin ..

he became huge because he's "cute", that's such a positive message! it doesnt matter how poor or stupid you are, as long as your "hot" anythings possible! Sike! ******* joke

I hate Justin Beaver (I know that's not his name but I feel like if I take the time to spell it right, it's been a waste of time). But I wouldn't call him gay. Mostly because there's a lot of theater/choir guys at my school that everyone thinks are gay. A person once asked the most flamboyant guy at my school if he was gay and he responded, "Do you see me touching boys! Do you see me salivating over their junk? No you don't! That means I'm not!" My point is, don't assume someone's gay unless they tell you, or you see them going at it with another guy.

it's probably because you couldn't understand it... sad day. that movie, along with black swan, was an excellent mind ****.

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I like twilight, but that was a pretty good one 213 :)

Justin Biebers movie is ******* amazing. why don't you try watching it before you judge.

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the viewers vote online for the winners of the MTV movie awards. as far as I could tell, only 12 year old girls on summer break had the time or desire to vote. I'm pretty sure they only saw two movies this year (twilight and the bieber movie). I actually like twilight because it's the corniest collection of books and movies ever created, but the only award I would give it would be "best lower lip bite" to Kristen stewart.

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apparently op. By the way all the movies were good... but what about the hangover? Why wasn't that a nominee?

i liked twilight when the books came out. now when i watch the movies all i see are a bunch of sparkly vegitarian emos. the movies are terrible. the only reason they won EVERY SINGLE award is because crazy fans spend 12 hours a day voting for them..

The books were ok at best. But I spent 4 books waiting for the hottest literary sex ever. Then Stephanie Meyers was like, "jk, fade to black! lol" and I was pissed. Then they spend the whole book preparing for a fight that doesn't happen. 1st book= ok. 2nd book= emo poop. 3rd book= almost worth reading. 4th book= many giant letdowns all rolled into 1 pile of steaming bullshit.

holy shit 124 is daniel tosh! or it could be that they just like to steal lines from other people and be completely unoriginal. Maybe it is Dane Cook instead...

the fact that his balls jaunt dropped is jaw dropping

Gay? That's the only insult you can think of? If you are going to say something bad about him, at least make a good argument, because "gay", "high pitched voice" and "premature" is not a good come back to support your point. At least he's successful and can sing when I'm pretty sure that you aren't doing that yourself at such a young age. if you're going to hate, at least for the sake of others, make it good.

wow hating on twilight is acceptable, but leave harry potter out of it.

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i've seen the movie and it sucked. i mean srsly!! black swan waaaaaayy better

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is it weird that i watched twilight expecting Blade to come out and Kick all their asses? oh well, there goes good vampire movies down the drain :(

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339- judging by your stupid ass picture and comment, and how many exclamation points, your probably like twelve. or in your late thirtys and have no life.

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I saw it. It was stupid. I would pick any of the other movies over Justin Bieber any day.

maybe im alone , but i looove jersey shore !

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#550 first of all he is/has all 3 and do us all a favor and stop taking up for him u stupid Justin bieber worshiper

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u are cool I'm bot being sarcastk

pineapples... yum... what? just sayin

Not really. These days it seems like most celebrities claim they came from a poor family or they came from nothing and now they're famous. We heard those stories a thousand times so what makes him so special?

Kill 550 before it breeds!People like that who think gay is an insult are idiots...And yes I can sing,but I sound like I have balls,unlike your Beiber.

Robert Pattinson even hates Twilight.

welcome to life OP. honestly though? who cares about the awards, it's just MTV. if you didn't enjoy the movie then don't like it.

Welcome to life. It's filled with irritating girls and vampires that sparkle

If this generations' media will be filled with sparkling vampires, I don't want to be around when WE have kids...

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I love the books and the movies but I'm not a super fan girl. I don't have every Twilight thing ever made. I have a t-shirt for each movie that I got to wear when they came out and don't wear them after that. I have to say though the movies are still no where near as good as the books. To each his own, but even I admit the super scary obsessed fan girls are just creepy.

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I hate fantasy crap I thought that even the movie Vampires Suck sucked. and I agree with the top comment

well I hate the movies too. I'm not a super fan girl, I hope you all know.

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I think the general population of fml hates twilight and it is probably because most people on here really aren't that stupid

At least it wasn't the Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" movie. I've been debating which one is worse: Twilight series (movies only) Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" Thumbs up for Twilight, thumbs down for "Never Say Never" and see which one is worse.

#141 When we have kids movies will be based around dragon/rapists and babies will be having babies

just saying, there's a million books and movies worse than twilight that you could put your energy into hating so why don't you? oh right, you guys are too cool and hipster to like anything popular. and as a side note, I do not enjoy twilight.

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338 then stfu and stop complaining. OP this really isn't FML worthy.

338- yeah, they're shit, but the difference is that they don't have legions of the lame obsessed with them.

I don't know why your comment was voted down. you are right. I'm not a huge fan of twilight, but it's just the MTV awards, who cares?

404 so you're saying the reason for the huge amount of hatred is because they're popular? ok so like I said, too hipster and "different" to like it.

#416 thank you! I'm really confused as to why it's voted down so much. oh well!

because it's not a much the point but the principle of the matter


MTV movie awards is a Joke!! They just do stupid stuff to get ratings. And P.S Twilight sucks

MTV is just a trend follower. they have no standards.

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it's our generation too so i don't really care, and i didn't even see Toy Story 3

76, your life is incomplete until you watch that movie!

omg I hate my generation its filled with the shallowest most worthless pieces of shit you will ever find but I love your pic deadmouse is sweet

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I really don't understand why everyone loved it SO much and some grown men reportedly cried during the movie! I thought it was good but not great (nor that sad!)

128, you must not have paid attention during. toy story 3. you say it's not that great of a movie, "nor that sad"? You obviously don't have a soul. The movie is all about how they realize that things change you don't stay young forever and that the people you love the most may eventually leave you and move on.

Well said. toy story pulled at the heart strings. I didn't cry but I remember when I was younger and I watched toy story 1 and 2. those movies really are great, and toy story 3 was just as powerful.

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Don't even get me started on all that mainstream music.

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yeah dude MTV is for music they know shit about movies. all they do is award things for popularity, not actual talent.

I didnt like toy story 3 at all.. it was boring anne unentertaining.

313- They're not very good at judging music either. 322- Anne? Please explain to me thins wonderful new word

this* goddamned ipod keypad/ antiflood protection

don't worry op. i hate twilight too.

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I thought it was funny when Kristen Stewart won best actress over Natalie Portman. You could tell even she knew that she shouldn't have won it. I mean, Natalie Portman won an Oscar for Black Swan.....

well MTV supports autotuned douchebags every day over real musicians so why would it support real movies

we all know Harry Potter, Toy Story etc. rule. Everyone who votes it just lifeless, and has nothing better to do.

I never really bothered with Harry potter but I have obsessed parents :/ toystory is awesome :) but I think twilight is also good, the romance part isn't interesting but the mythology background plot and violent parts are good :3 at least in the books anyway, never seen the movies, haters be hatin because they've never read at least 2 of the books oh and Harry potter: toy story, best crossover idea ever XD

correction; the previously mentioned Blade:Twilight would be the best crossover ever

well i read the first book and i thought it was crap. The characters were underdeveloped, their descriptions as well. The story is the classic beauty and the beast love story( in the first book). The book is monotone, it doesn't have any real emotions other than frustation and teen angst. My conclusion is, that the book structure and the book story are both pieces of crap intended to sell

#110: mythology background? right...when have vampires ever sparkled??

if you would actually read the books, they do have a bit of native american mythology tucked within the mindless “plot” and such.

who the **** cares? everyone will have forgotten those awards in the space of five minutes, it's not going to change the quality of any if those films or the fact that you like them. see also: first world problems

lol when you talk bad about fml your comment gets moderated

the twilight movie sucks!! the book was good though...

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Honey, I've read fanfictions written by 13-year-old giggly girls that were better written than those books....

terribly written, I mean could she have used another word to describe Edward other than incredulous?

They are god awful excuses for literature, and frankly they are a paradox. How are they a paradox you ask? The fact that they are vampire stories that contain no vampires. Yes that's right fangirls, Edward isn't a vampire. Vampires can not walk in the ******* day, regardless of whether there is a light cloud cover, they ******* die. Oh and by dying I don't mean this stupid glittery shit, I'm talking about bursting into flames and turning to ash dying. Vampires must also drink blood to live, this is a fact, they can't just say oh I don't want to, again see ******* death for details. Oh and Edward Cullen, a.k.a the world's oldest virgin.

42, adding to your comment, Jacob and his "werewolf" pack aren't even werewolfs.

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Technically they did drink blood. Animal blood is still blood.

#42- Lmfaoooooooo!!!!! But seriously, ur rite

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Oh good. yet another fanatic who has stolen my picture.

And that was another ounce of proof that our generation is a failure. Way to go.

if you actually read the books the adjectives and other techniques don't matter, just the mental picture in your head and the plot matter, I admit there could of been a lot more characterization but she spread it out throughout the series :/ anyway if you analyse a book that way I don't see how you hope to enjoy it, maybe I'm just the only one who can read and simultaneously have a mental picture of what's happening tl:dr? books are meant to be read for entertainment, analysing how she wrote it takes out the fun, unless it's a re-read

12, I'm here to correct your post. All Twilight stuff is bad.

53- animal blood does not actually sustain a vampire, it's just a way for Meyers to make her little Cullen family seem like they are good guys. it's bullshit

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What's with all these people taking close up pictures of their eyes? Makin me feel bad 'cause my eyes are dark and seem pupil-less. Bleh.

In my personal opinion I think that what makes our generation so worthless isn't the fact that some people actually like the Twilight series, because, I don't know, maybe they just have bad taste in books. It's the fact that so many people are obsessed with it, it's rather sickening to think about how many people (other than screaming prepubescent girls) are so obsessed with this series(books and movies included) that it becomes a part of their day to day lives and that they really believe that it is better than real literary classics like Harry Potter or Narnia and movies such as Inception, Toy Story 3, etc (I'll use those examples since they seem to be the ones people are dwelling on in this FML).

SolarGirl32 6

I despise everything that is Twilight, but I find it funny people are upset because vampires "can't go out in the sun" or "can't live off of animal blood" as if these were hard facts. Vampires are fiction, and plenty of authors and screenwriters have taken the liberty of creating their own vampire rules to fit their story. I'd also like to point out that in Interview with a Vampire Brad Pitt's character also survived on animal blood.

for a while, until he couldn't anymore

Ok, so I'm guessing my comment will be "thumbed-down" in a matter of seconds, but: I actually really enjoyed the books. They weren't the most well written, but they were fast reads that kept my attention. The movies however, are an embarassment to our generation. None of the "actors" can act (but I must admit Taylor Lautner is absolutely gorgeous!) The obsession with these people is definately sick and borderline stalker status. After reading the books, I was actually looking forward to seeing the movies; now I just go to laugh at them.

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I agree with #12. I enjoyed the books, but I the movie are mostly crap.

Vampires need HUMAN blood to live, watch blade

188, I will give you that some screenwriters take liberties, but with constants you should not touch Meyer decided to. Oh wait vampires are nocturnal and die in sunlight? Well I'll just make it so that if it's cloudy it's fine and he will only sparkle anyway. Human blood is also a constant, that is just a constant in their make up, deal with it people. I hate anything that ignores that, it's like making ghosts able to eat and drink, well by their very definition they can't. Now if you want to create a somewhat different vampire obey these constants and then do whatever you want.

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for one vampires aren't real period so why the **** are you defending myths? and her books clearly give detail on how those stories you have stated are myths, it's just a book and if you don't like it then okay to don't have to but don't be a birch about t honestly. to me they were good books could of been edited a little more but overall a good series.

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this fml is pointless as hell. how does this have anything to do with your life?