By karlajjjjj - United Kingdom - Cold Ashby
Today, I was cycling home when I saw my sister, who lives a 4 hour drive away, walking past me on the path. I turned my head and called to her, causing me not to notice the pothole in front of me. My front wheel went in and I went over the handlebars. It wasn't even my sister. FML
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  perdix  |  29

#2, of course, with a unicycle, the stranger would have claimed to be the sister, just in the hopes of having some unicycle-riding coolness rub off on them.

By  way2go  |  16

Why would you think it's your sister if she lives 4 hours away? If you're on good terms with her (which I'm assuming you are since your aim was to say hi), I'm sure she would tell you if she was in the area.

  \  |  28

That's why I always wear shades... So I can leer at people without getting noticed. :)


I am on really good terms with my family that lives 3 hours away; occasionally I drive up to piss around town and do some shopping, and fail to mention I am in town. Sometimes you just don't feel like visiting people.