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  sjattiepoo  |  1

I do not know what kind of man-hating feminist you are, but saying that the only men can do is giving STD's is a bit mean to say, don't you think? Women can transmit STD's just as easy as men, so please, keep these idiotic remarks for yourself and don't annoy otbers with them.

By  cantfixme36  |  28

Go back to Harry Potter. Books are better, movies are better, there's more of them, there's better lessons in the storyline, and... well, wizards and witches win over sparkly vampires and hormonal wolves.


I'm assuming that, during her two year obsession, she's read and watched them all and is looking for something new. Obviously they're nothing compared to HP but I honestly didn't think the twilight books were that bad.

By  mariri9206  |  32

They're not obsessions. It's called being a fangirl and there's nothing wrong with it. Being in fandoms in great and it's amazing to be part of a community like that. They're welcoming and accepting and understanding, and it seems a little like you're not. Please, support your daughter with her fandoms and maybe take part in them with her. My mom and sister have never given any of my fandoms a shot or tried watching the shows or reading the books yet they think they more about it than I and they think that gives them the right to judge my fandoms - and even me, sometimes - and act like they do know better when they really don't because they never even made the attempt to know what the shows or books are really like. I would've loved for them to give my shows or books a chance before just judging them based on what they think they know. Use this opportunity to read them with her and be involved in them with her and, even though it's not really your thing, she'll definitely appreciate that you tried and gave it a chance, instead of just knocking it down from the beginning.

  mariri9206  |  32

Also, when I was in high school, I was super into Twilight. I still like it now because it was something I cared about a lot but I have grown out of that particular fandom or, at least, I'm not as into it as I was, even if I still identify as Team Edward. Because I've grown out of it, I can admit, yeah, it's kinda bad and dorky but I don't regret being in that fandom. I may not be as into now but I still consider myself part of it, just a new kind of fangirl for it.

By  Rhiannon Thornton  |  2

Introduce her to Tamora Pierce, the immortals series. Strong female character, great story line and has a whole heap of other storylines in the same universe to keep her going for years.