By fmlatmovies - 25/07/2009 15:07 - United States

Today, I was at the movies. All of a sudden, the woman next to me starts laughing uncontrollably and talking to her friend during the movie. This continued throughout the movie, ruining it. I turned and whispered to my friend. The woman then taps me on the shoulder and yells, "Shut the fuck up!" FML
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actually all you haters out there, i didn't have enough room to put my response! i actually turned to her and told her to fuck off and to take her annoying fat ass out of the theater because she was blocking the view for everyone and no one could hear the movie over her irritating voice that makes people want to dropkick babies! that shut her up for the rest of the movie.

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irishdancer 0

Oh. Sorry bout your luck dude. I hate those people...

Should have said "Well how rude. I was just about to give out our mystery prize of $100,000 to a random guest in tonight's theatre, guess it won't be you"


irishdancer 0

Oh. Sorry bout your luck dude. I hate those people...

Dick -> Ass = FUN

onlycusimbored 0

dikinass, you are a very funny man. Teach me your ways. No really, Im not lying. cocks are funny.

@onlycusimbored Basically, just go around trolling and saying clever things, like I did above ;) asscock!!!!!

i would have shouted "No you shut the fuck up, your the one gabbing through the fucking movie

I woulda shouted CCCCOOOOOOOCCCKKKKK!!!!!!

AnaMaree 0

Asscock fails. But the first joke was funny lol

Faced159 0

I bet she was black

theMIGHTYduck 0

#191 made my day

thats when u re arrange the bitches face

You should have shouted: "THIS IS SPARTTTTAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" Then kicked her in the face. Man > Woman.

you rly should have cocked on her bitchass...

today i had no balls. fml

I hate those kinda people ! fuck that bitch x(

i would of said wtf bitch! stfu stupid fat ass hoe! and then i would bitch slap her

cearalaken 0

wow you should have been like "you're the one whos been talking the whole time you dumb bitch"

it's not good trolling if you point it out, bro.

iluvevil01 11

ugh. sounds like some people who sat behind me during a movie. they kept talking and playing games on their iPhones and listening to music. they were so loud. so I took my phone out to check the time and they both yelled at me for having my phone on! stupid fat bitches

Tell her she's a hypocritical bitch and to fuck off, then go back to watching the movie like nothing happened. And every time she tries to talk after that, tap her on the shoulder and say "shut the fuck up". I think she'll take a hint.

that's kind of sucky. hate hypocrites!

curryndricegirll 0

yeah, i would have been like, yeah, right after you do byotch. now if you don't mind, i'd like tell my friend that you need to STFU and continue watching the movie like the rest of the freaking theater...oh, and byotch

Fisheyy 0

Id' yell the fuck back at her hypocritical ass.

I agree i would of just yelled right back

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trilliamme 0

A trip to the movies almost always winds up with me annoyed beyond belief with humanity. People are horrible. Sucks, OP.

Should have said "Well how rude. I was just about to give out our mystery prize of $100,000 to a random guest in tonight's theatre, guess it won't be you"

So much better than making a fool of yourself by beating a woman. EPIC WIN!!!! Haha, would've been hilarious to take a picture of her face then, gaping at the fact that she had supposedly "lost" $100,000.

Anonymous409 0

Punch that Bitch in the FACE.

No no no, should have threatened to punch her in the clit. Seems more intense that way.

waterynuggets 0

Nah she might like that. ;) The boobs tend to be more equal to the balls. lol

I dunno, if you just shove a soft drink up her cunt I think it would do the trick.

Anonymous409 0

Wow, you guys seem to having an intense sexual conversation. Soft drinks up her cunt? Then sucking it back out? AWESOME.

codyxfail 0


I would have whopped her fuckin ass. But fml dude

lmao? how is it an fml for you, #8

I hope you said the same thing back to her. Hate people who tell people one thing and then go and do the exact opposite.


Hahaha what a bitch

I wuda been like u stfu u fat butch and fuked her up

newbzoors 0

and im guessing this would be after you are done raping the small boy next to you?

wat :| That is fucked up.