By nonameLiz - 03/02/2010 01:16 - United States

Today, I found out that you can get arrested for holding up a 'free hugs' sign. FML
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Just wanna say.. The picture is inaccurate. The OP is a woman, lol...

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What are you insane?! Only preteen, overdeveloped, asian chicks at anime conventions can get away with stunts like that!!

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well actually, this pic could be showing a really really ugly girl

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I agree with #239 on this one. Unless the OP looks as unattractive as the illustrator intended her to be in this picture, the illustration is a bit off.


my brother got kicked out of disney land for doing that

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This isn't accurate. The person is a women.....................

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I beg to differ!!! I'm a 24 year old guy and I get away with it perfectly fine at anime convensions :D

#298 I love you :D *is an animetard* only at one I went to, it cracked down the rules and had a no sign rule... I went to one on my birthday and had a paper taped to my back saying it's my birthday. walked upstairs and was immediately told to remove it.... made me sad... bur most aren't like that luckily. that con moved it's location too :)


You're all so ******* annoying. The specifics of the OP's gender doesn't matter. OMG DA ORIGINAL POSTR WAS A GURL SO DIZ SUCKZ LOLOL IM SMART I GOD DAT B4 EVRYWUN!!!fourteen Fortunately, some people have a slight bit of creativity and imagination, and don't need to perfectly replicate the original FML. I think this is ten times funnier with the main character as a balding MALE (OMG!~ SCANDALOUS LOL FIX IT IT'S NOT RIGHT UGH). Critical illiterate idiots.

I seen one of those the other day :) defense thought bout stopping!

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OK. Did u actually get arrested doing this act or did u just find out a person CAN get arrested? Can't vote until that's cleared up.

I did free hug a bunch of time, never gotten into trouble

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OP is probably very fat, so the cops feared that a hug from someone like that can lead to manslaughter.

There's shirts that say that.. I highly doubt it's illegal unless you were harrassing people or some shit, you probably deserve it

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usually when someone says that they've found out, it means that they got arrested or they got some punishment for it

YDI for offering to feel up on people for free. Who really stands around with a "free hugs" sign? You'd have to have NO LIFE to do some lame ass shit like that. Slap yourself.

heard of this before. you basically just got busted for what some bored cops is going to file as prostitution.

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maybe if u were hot u could charge for them?

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FML sucks now. atleast someone made a funny comment other than the losers that start convorsations on fml comments. and FML has turned into some completely retarded bullshit.

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no duh hippie now hang yourself burn the rainforests pollute the air screw wildlife all hippies must die

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lol you don't know about the "free hugs" campain? that's like saying that people in charity orginization waste there time

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that is soo true. because you're doing it right now

damn yeah. I hate people who make those. are you that lonely?

wow don't be such a jerk about your opinion.

haven't you seen the Sick Puppies music video? look up Sick Puppies All the Same. it's a touching video involving a free hug sign. don't go assuming

34 - it wouldn't be an FML if she just discovered that, would it?

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You know, bawss, if you don't like FML anymore you can always leave the site.

You've obviously never heard of the "Free Hug Tax".

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There's no "Free Hug Tax." I work on people's taxes, so cram your made-up tax up your butt until you vomit it again.


wouldn't be surprised if the govt started taxing hugs.

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Trust me the government will start taxing hugs, then tax you for the air you breath, and then tax you much of your money for children that are not even yours

I'd give them one handshake for every 2 hugs.

#77 and #95 are the dumbest people on the planet.

#127 is my hero for relieving me of my duty to post that.

Or maybe Ying??? I can't believe how stupid people in the United States are.

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#77 shut the he'll up it's suposed to be funny! asshole

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You're even dumber - reading your comment was a big waste of my time. Go do something productive, getting a life.

apparently sarcasm is a foreign language to you isn't it.

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Yah, or maybe it was a typo you dumbass mother ******. It was one letter off dipshit, which means it was probably a mistake. ignorant dumbass.

whoa there, be careful about using those harsh words when you don't know what you're talking about... :)

well that's lame. just wear a "Free Hugs" shirt. the cops can't do anything about it :D

I have one of those! It's great cuz people who want a hug will just come up to you and put their arms open, and people who don't want one... won't! Perfect, non-creepy way of blessing strangers—and people retain their dignity.

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And if they tell you to take it off, you can report them for sexual harassment. :3

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lol wow these laws are just stupid's the recession..govt has to find a way to make money

Well, look on the plus.. You gunna meet a lot of lonely ppl in jail.. xD

lol, people of your own kind, with sex offender status and also bitching about having their signs taken away

So I guess a free BJ is totally out of question.

LOL awesome comment XD hahahaha 10/10 for that one bro XD

yeah? what about the dog in the picture? he's lovesick.

awww look at that, you made me blush a little #88.

#88, can I accept the offer on Hush's behalf?Please!

Hey back off Ripper, I just got the zipper on my pedobear suit up. If you only knew how hard it is to get one of these things on...

@109 I'll give hush's doggie lots of kisses! I love animals ^_^ and theripper sorry but I only give one free bj a day, maybe tomorrow? rofl.

ugh just cause I'm horny all the time doesn't mean I'm a hoe! I can act like one tho ;D lol. and hush I just realized you're old enough to be my dad rofl!!

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awww only one? how much are seconds? is there a members discount? how about a seniors discount? lol that'd be creepy. I'd like the senior special please,... hahahaha jk I'm not like 80 :)

rofl! haha actually funny thing is this lil kid offered me $20 to blow him rofl. and this other guy offered $100....o_O

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why the hell would you make a sign like thattt. soooo creepyy! you should just wear a shirt saying it

If you think a sign is creepy, why wouldn't you think a shirt is? At least with the sign, it goes between your bodies when you're hugging.

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it is less creepy when a group of people are giving out free hugs. if it is just one lonely little person? the creepy meter skyrockets. plus, I have never seen a group of people get arrested for giving out Free Hugs.

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hahaha theres 69 your life sucks votes! XD