By Anonymous - 10/02/2012 05:31 - United States

Today, things were getting hot with my boyfriend and I started to breathe heavy and moan. He then says to me, "Babe, can you calm down, we're having sex not running a marathon." FML
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Guys want sex with a girl, not Darth Vader.

Lol. Isn't it usually the guy getting steamy with it?


Doesn't matter had sex?

Dosn't matter had sex?

Lol. Isn't it usually the guy getting steamy with it?

Girls can get steamy too. Well maybe your girls have never gotten steamy. But that sounds like a personal problem. All the good ones get steamy. It's not about being a man or woman. Sooooooo...

I was merely suggesting my thought, no need to bash me on it.

Looks like 11 took the comment personally hahaha.

No bashing here. Just like you, I was merely suggesting my thought. Right? Forgive me? ;)

16- yes. Yes I did.

take a dump in his drawers

Wow that sucks. What a boring lay

Sometimes the girl moaning can be hot. Who the heck wants it silent?!

Depends where you are

At least it shows you've got good stamina

What? No it doesn't.

Guys want sex with a girl, not Darth Vader.

I couldn't help but laugh at this comment, thank you for making my day lol.

Women want sex with a guy who will make them sound like Darth Vader.

12 - Lmao. Surprisingly, you are very correct.

.........come on i cant be the only one here who would rather have sex with darth vader

Just don't remove the helmet

Ahahahha to funny

is that a euphamism for condom

Jonkbaby you have the absolute WORST comments...

I think birth control is important and essential, how can you not like that?

If a guys doing his job right the girl should not be quiet. o.o

Let's test that Theory, 75. Jk

That's how OP spelled it..?

It bugs me so much when a comment is a moderated. It makes me even more anxious to see it!

I moan pretty hard too when I run marathons.

I usually come near the halfway point, leaving the Marathon somewhat disappointed

I've been to a gas station called marathon before.

Can you calm down? We're running a marathon, not having sex. Eheheh~

I've been to a marathon before. It had great French fries...

what a douche :/

I agree. Sweaty, panting, moaning sex is the hottest kind of sex. OP should find a dude who appreciates her enthusiasm, and her dude should find a girl who will just lie there like a dead fish.