By FootInMouth - 01/10/2009 13:19 - Australia

Today, I walked into my brother's house to see him unshaven and still in pyjamas eating ice-cream straight from the tub. I said jokingly, "You're lucky you have your wife, no one else could love you." His wife had just told him she was leaving him for her orthodontist. FML
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So_Yeah tells us more.

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OP, mhm, actually. Me and my brothers joke around like that all the time, we're close enough to mess with each other and not let it bother us. And his wife (uhm, soon to be ex), I always thought, was one of the sweetest people in the world, so I never expected this. Yus, my foot is firmly in my mouth, and Imma leave it there a while so I don't say anything else stupid any time soon -.-

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FYL? Fuck HIS life!

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How is this an FYL? Poor guy ... FHL ...



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Eating ice cream straight from the tub can lead to a sticky situation!

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Next time be nicer. YDI.

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Guess you didnt brace yourself for that.

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nice one #41

ahhhh shit. that sucks.

I guess guys handle breakups the same way. ... more or less.

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Um....she knows her brother is married. What she didn't know is that his wife is leaving him, cuz she JUST told him so.

*facepalm* learn to read mate, she said "your lucky you have a wife no one else would love you" so I pretty sure she knew he had a wife, she just didn't know she left him *rollseyes*


you are a moron. read the fml again


wow, smooooottthhh

YDI for being a bitch...

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She wasn't being a bitch she clearly didn't know the whole situation until afterwards

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How is this an FYL? Poor guy ... FHL ...

She'll get hers. Orthodontists love to inflict pain. Hahahaha!

FYL? Fuck HIS life!

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Exactly what I thought. Poor brother. :(

dayum! you didn't know but you still shouldn't joke around like that. try to make it up to him by helping him get another girl

Ya, that will work out really well.. 'Oh bro, I see you're down. Lemme help you out by pimping out one of my slutty g/fs so you can cheat on your wife and totally ruin your marriage...' Rite.

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....I'm pretty sure the marriage is already ruined, hence her leaving him? Good God, do you eat a big bowl of stupid in the morning?

Actually I partially agree with kukopia only in that it's usually not best to just try and ***** someone out when they JUST had a bad break up/divorce. Could lead to more problems, or could make him more depressed. Really insensitive to the situation too.

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I agree, he just got left by the woman he love(s/d) and hooking him up with someone would just remind him that he is alone. The girl would either remind him of his wife, leave him too, or be a ***** and cheat on him. When he is ready he will date again. I hope his wife gets something more than braces and sex in the dentist chair, like a boot up her cooch.

#2 how did you fail to understand the perfectly clear OP? I'm really sorry, this sucks for both of you. there's no way you could have known though.

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