By FourKnees - United States
Today, I accepted an internship in Chicago and finished my final exams. I decided to play some pick up basketball one last time before summer. Within 2 minutes I got undercut going for a rebound and shattered my knee cap into 3 pieces. My summer in Chicago will be spent in a full leg cast. FML
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By  ifyouonlyknew77  |  0

That does suck and like some have already said, Chicago DOES get really hot in the summer, but it is also really FUN in the summer. Chicago is just about my favorite city in the world and there's tons to do for cheap/free in the summer. Kind of sucks to have to be in a cast, but still try to get out and enjoy it.

By  rukusrazor  |  0

Oh man, you're gonna miss the Taste of Chicago. I go every year. Get myself some Chicago style hot dogs, take the ferry ride and see the concerts.

#7 - YES, also #11 - agreed.

By  I2OI3  |  0

Maybe I'm just not on my game this morning but I can't spin this one. Hopefully you'll be able to play basketball again, and it sounds like you'll still be able to walk, so look on the bright side buddy!