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Today, my father told me to stop purposely singing out of tune because it was annoying. I wasn't doing it on purpose; it's my real voice. FML
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HEY... YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE. Go apply for a Disney channel show.. ;) You'd fit right in...

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suggest you stop singing then, it's obviously not good.

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exactly #5, almost everybody is good at something and no one is good at everything, shut up and stick to what you're good at, whatever that may be. YDI for being so self absorbed that you didn't already know you sucked at singing enough to NOT SING

sound like my family. but I don't care, I sing louder when they tell me to shut the he'll up.

I don't think I'm good at anything ^^ at all! Although I can sing in tune quite well. It actually makes me sad to think people can't do that. in a 'feel bad for them' kind of way. so FYL methinks.

Then continue singing. If he asked you to stop singing out of tune on purpose, and you aren't, then keep singing.

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Tell your dad that your mom told you that he's bad in bed and that she fakes her orgasms.

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17- if I was your brother I'd put a sock in your mouth, brat. =p

56, I was only kiding. I actually get very hurt when they tell me to be quiet. then I go to an empty room and sing my heart out. =)

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Why are you guys replying to my post with unrelated bull?

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#74, because you was the first post, so if they reply to yours, it makes their post come before everyone else :) I prefer making my own comment, so people can reply and converse as they wish :)

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Oh, I didn't know a first comment was such a big deal...

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With the app update it's almost easier just to post your own comment and people may actually see it!

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And with the lack of a site update, I have to scroll past you annoying douches to get to real comments. I have to contribute to the problem to state my point. I hope you're happy.

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lol @ freeze. so cold yet admirable

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#101, you know this site sucks when the iPod App is BETTER than it xD

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haha fhl fir having to listen to ur bad singing

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first comments pic is mad scary

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Get auto-tune! You know how rappers do it haha

yes your picture is scary. where did you get it and who is that?

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that sucks! but if you sound that bad maybe you should keep quiet ;)

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ha aww poor you well don't see you posting fmls must not be that bad lol

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147- Uh that is me. I have tons of crazy pictures like that because that's my picture face when Im stoned,so...

I actually like it pic.. it gives people that sexy feeling lol. but can I ask who took the picture?

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learn how to sing loser it's not that hard

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175-My boyfriend probably because he is constantly taking photographs of me and uploading them to my ordinateur (computer).

hey everybody. if you didn't notice. the op's dad said the op's real voice is annoying and he thought the op was singing. but the op was atcually just talking.

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I hate when people think they sing reeaaallllyyy well and they actually suck... or when someone sings wrong lyrics and thinks it's right.

canadians arent stupid, 130 is stupid :)

boo hoo retard, lots of people cant sing

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#16, what does your comment have to do with what I said? I'm guessing your comment is meant for someone else.

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erm how is ure picture a fail the fluffy brown dog is clearly reciving oral sex ..>.< xD

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and then u have some hench disscussion trying to convince them but they still think their lyrics are right untill u show them , and after all of that they think their lyrics are better grrr.

maybe you should stop ******** in the oven as well.

lots if comment moderated. and op, just a tip, stop singing if you're that bad....

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Yes.... you never know though :/

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im sure he was just kidding, but if not, stop singing

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hmm I would think your dad might know you well enough by now to recognize your real singing voice? haha well...sorry op. oh well!

I'm in my colleges choir and enjoy singing alot, but I'm pretty sure my family have never heard me sing:P at least not anything except humming little tunes