By tal - 22/08/2012 09:57 - France

Today, I packed my bags and left for the airport. When I passed through security, the X-ray scanner discovered that my cat had also come along for the ride. FML
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Are you sure it was an X-ray? It may have just been a CAT scan.

Haha that's adorable :)


Haha that's adorable :)

I bet the disdainful look security got from the cat when they opened the bag was priceless.

Yeah, but I bet airport security won't find it so adorable.

14- No, they probably didn't. In fact, OP is probably being detained right now. Cat smuggling will land you in some serious shit.

Adventurous kitty :3

#10, I bet the look on OP's face when he (or she) saw the cat was priceless, too.

1.- I love your lipstick color in your pic! What is it?

92- That would be pink.

96: Fuck yeah, I majored in Colors in kindergarten too! ...We had quite a rivalry with the Shapes majors.

17- i totally agree, but if OP's in custody, then how did he/she get to a computer to post this online.

I remember a story about a family that wanted to bring their new kitten back home, so they made sure that it would get the best getting out of the storage space of the plane first and heat (high altitude so very cold). It still died. This kitty would have become frozen and dead kitty.

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That has to be so cliche for the airport security. "How the hell did my cat get in there, oh my god!" I hope OP didn't get into too much trouble.

Isn't it pretty obvious that the cat got into the bag without OP noticing?

It clearly says OP discovered that the cat came along when they were going through security.

Great comment like seriously ten outta ten

Really? Would you care to read the post again? Also, please read it carefully this time. Thank you.

Are you sure it was an X-ray? It may have just been a CAT scan.

stevenJB 25

Haha...clever. :)

Ahh haa took me a second to get it... Hahaha


I see what you did there.

I'm not really feline that pun....

You, sir. Comedy genius.

That deserves this: ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

Down, kitty, no need to make a CATastrophe even larger.

So, no pussy on vacation? Those bastards.

Now we can't even get a little pussy while flying, the terrorists won.

This scenario was quite fun to picture. "'am....why is there a cat in your suitcase?" "what? There's no.....HOLY CRAP MY CAT!"

Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag.

Yup, and the consequences for OP could be cat-astrophic!!

God dammit 5. I was going to say that

They say cats are smart, but yours doesn't sound like one of the intelligent ones :P

That, or it's so smart it purposely went in your bag because it knew you wouldn't be allowed to leave. THAT would be adorable :)

cats are sneaky little bastards is what they are.

On the contrary I think it was very smart, he didn't have to pay for a ticket!

My cat adopted our family...we drove from California to Baja California Sur, Mexico, and she kept jumping in our car...they only checked our passports and drivers licenses on the return trip

Damn at this pace even cat lovers that get on FML are going to hate cats.

Haha for real. Every other fml is about a cat.

I'm a huge cat lover and these FMLs mostly make me like them more. Then again, I hate people and rejoice when they get effed over by animals.

You can't blame your cat for wanting to travel the world, meet new felines, or eat exotic rodents. He's adventurous!

It probably mainly wanted to go to Egypt where it's a god

My pussy always gets in my way

Obviously you mean cat.

What the fuck?

Congratulations #11, your comment has now reached the 1,000,000 mark of using the word 'pussy' in a cat-related FML, using the 'copy-dur-paste' methodology esteemed in 0 countries around the world. All future comments pertaining to yours shall be forever placed in the bin of shame, right next to 'shitty situations'.

You're not funny.

You should really get that checked out.

I can imagine the look on the guy who was working at securities face :p