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By  Vesi  |  25

OK seriously? We cannot help what grosses us out. That does not make him a wuss or anyone else who does not like bodily fluids for that matter. And saying he has to "man up" and accept it is like telling a woman she has to deal with squirting in/on her face even if she hates it. No, this is toxic and needs to STOP! OP, sorry he can't do that for you, try switching to fingers when close so it does not get on or near his face. And really? FHL for having people treat him like that because of uncontrollable discomfort.

  kfchicken_fml  |  28

no it's not toxic and yes he needs to grow up. being in a relationship means compromise. he can give her oral then switch to hands or a toy before she orgasms. this middle ground took me literally a second to think of and if he can't put at least that much effort in for her FherL. the issue isn't that he doesn't like facials it's that he flat out refuses to give her oral at all. facials and oral are not mutually exclusive.

  Matt Much  |  12

I'm curious then. It's not ok to call out the person with the problem. It's not ok to say dump the person and move on. I suppose it would best on everyone's feelings if we all posted nothing?

By  It_gets_better  |  14

That sucks, OP. I'm sorry you're dealing with that but also try to be understanding.
Everyone has things they're not comfortable doing and it's not fair to pressure him into sexual acts like some of the other commenters are saying. As long as he's not being a dick about it. My husband doesn't like to give oral either and that's okay, there are other ways to be sexually and emotionally intimate!