By mrtoolate - 19/06/2016 08:58 - India - Pune

Today, after a lifetime of being single, my parents finally found me a nice, intelligent, pretty girl. I was really excited, until she backed out on me when she found out our star signs don't match. FML
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I'm sorry you missed out on a date with a nice… erm, pretty girl, OP.


Well you are better this way.... You dint want stars to control your life!!

I'm sorry you missed out on a date with a nice… erm, pretty girl, OP.

I'm not for or against this practice but I believe op is talking about.. marriage and not just a date. But yeah, lucky Dodge there op.

This is typical indian family marriage deal

Obviously not that intelligent if she believes in that crap and didn't bother giving you a chance. Dodged a bullet there op

Like you would like it if you were being forced into marriage. She was probably really desperate to escape it.

It's a cultural thing mist likely. Indians are very superstitious.

A lot of arranged marriages consist of reading into each other's horoscopes.

Not much difference imo. I would guess that the social pressure to listen to their parents when it comes to marriage is so huge they eventually give in. I do not agree even with arranged marriages. People should be able to choose whichever partner they want. At least this woman was able to reject someone she does not like.

Dodged a bullet there. I dated someone who believed all of it and it was annoying because it allowed her to assume things because of the "readings" saying so.

Fortunately, you may have dodged a superstitious nightmare...

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Looks like you're the one out of her league