By Anon - 04/08/2011 08:30 - United States

Today, the guy I've had the biggest crush on came to my house to pick me up for our first date. As we were leaving, my father screams out "Do you still have diarrhea?" I don't have diarrhea. My dad thinks he's so funny. FML
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you should have yelled back "are you still 60?" (:

Your dad is funny.


you should have yelled back "are you still 60?" (:

Melissa you took that right outta my mouth xD. I'm just glad someone said it lol.

My dad does that to me all the time, it's a joke, it's funny, get over it.

cowboy butt sex!!!!

Hopefully she doesn't back up on him Guns Hot lol

There you go ladies, you always complaining about bachelor entry. Just say you have diharrea. It will stop about 7.2% of us from trying at least.

Talk about typos... you're, and backdoor..

Haha gotta love your Dad, always ruins the chances for you to get laid ha!

I think it's funny. My dad just sits on the couch watching tv all day :/

Your dad is funny.

The sun is hot.

I'm wearing pants.

I'm not wearing any pants.

Damn 39 I was bout to say that shit!

Poo is squishy

holy crap #2! you know what Daleks are (the profile pic)?!?!?!?!?! to OP: srry op you know how dads can get.

Sounds like something my dad would do xD just tell your date that your dad is a clown and it's not true

yea that was hilarious

dad strikes again

It's a father's duty to embarrass their children, let him enjoy his moment.

3- I read your profile, and I want to see your aqua eyes(:

It sounds like something I might say to my daughter too!

yeah, My Dad told one of my boyfriends that our Maine Coon cat was part raccoon. apparently my ex was really dumb. he proceeded to ask how we knew.

Wow that's some nice dad you have there. Your life does suck.

I wish I had diarrhea right now. I've been constipated for like a month...

There's always the chocolate flavored laxatives. :D

6 - I really could have managed without knowing that!

I couldve gone my whole life without knowing that #6.

Call a plumber!

Thanks 133! I did call a plumber and now everything's clear. :)

Just explain to your crush how your dad thinks he's funny easy. All dads do that

Lmaooo hahahaha bro give me some sympathy. :(

Woooooooow tmi tmi tmi

This is where you yell back, "You got an STD where?!?"

And her dad would scream back:"from your mom!". Bet the guy wouldnt want to have sex with her anymore... Victory for dad!!!

Diarrhea cha cha cha

I have no idea why I find this comment hilarious lool

I laughed more at the comment than at the post :D

That's where you excuse yourself and go beat him with a broom

Haha message me


Quickly publish something that will, in response to the comment. Otherwise the Nazis will come after you

19, Maybe the dogs died of violent diarrhea.