By taman - 12/09/2009 04:12 - United States

Today, I took this girl out that I've been crushing on for 2 years to a fancy restaurant. At one point during the date, I had to get up to take a massive dump. As I was walking back to the table, a little boy stood up and shouted, "THAT'S THE POOPOO MAN!" in front of the whole restaurant. FML
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And this is why little kids should not be allowed in public

Oh no, you did something completely natural, **** your life indeed.


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whatta I hope she didn't run away

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shit! i was FIRST and didnt say it I'm the man!

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Except you just did. And did so by commenting on your own comment. Thumbs down!

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Let's also vote thumbs down on his original comment.

EAT DA POO POO! from an afrikan pastor in a funny clip

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YDI for being a yuppie at a fancy restaurant. And YDI for not ******** before your date.

Really. Why would anybody save it up for DURING the date? Does that cap off the perfect evening for some people?

i'd go before i went. i hate using toilets in public for the sole reason that other people can hear me. i can hold onto *****.

There are some things you do before you go out. Especially on a date. You gotta relieve yourself beforehand man. Take care of yo biz-ness.

Eating food and calling people Poopoo Man, apparently.

Because, aback, that way they have ammo for a blumpkin, Cleveland steamer, Boston pancake, Alabam hot pocket, etc.

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#50 is the funniest person on this site; I love you!

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Yeah I don't like crapping in public either. Anyway, you people are all dumb. Maybe OP didn't have to go before his date. Fucktards

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And this is why little kids should not be allowed in public

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**** you guys for disliking little children.

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There are also the terrible parents who let the children do whatever they want.

Oh no, you did something completely natural, **** your life indeed.

While going to the bathroom is natural, relieving oneself in an (apparently) obnoxiously loud manner while on a date is not socially normal. What it is, is hilarious. Good FML.

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getting called out on it is better xD

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hahhah wtf , what a dumb little kid. He totally burned u outttt

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