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  atradr  |  8

Yea, I feel like she was joking and OP being self conscious didn't realize it. I try not to mention shape, but I often include a teasing comment in invitations, and in most interactions. She's probably just that kind of person; it's hard for me to imagine that a person exists who would actually invite someone for that reason AND directly tell them.

By  Dat_Class_Tho  |  26

She probably just wants someone on her own level to hang back with, since she knows she's going to have to take breaks more frequently than the rest of the group. That way it's not just her and a crowd of angry fitness enthusiasts staring at her impatiently.

I don't think you should necessarily read too much into negative implications. Especially if you guys do what many friends do, which is to regularly commiserate over the fact that both of you wish to be more fit than you are currently. (Which describes 90% of people, so don't feel bad about it.)

By  cocacola999  |  27

It sounds like an awkward joke gone wrong. Girls are often shy about asking guys out, maybe she was feeling awkward and blurted out something she didn't think through. I'm pretty sure I'd be capable of saying something similar.

By  Whydoyouask  |  11

Dude, regardless of what her intentions were with that comment, it sounds like it's time to start hitting the gym. Even if you're not that overweight, it only helps your chances.