By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I went to my Calculus lecture, one of a class of 200 people. As I looked down I noticed that a guy a few rows in front of me was on Facebook. When I took a closer look, I noticed he was viewing my profile. He stalked the profile for a full 45 minutes. I have never met this guy in my life. FML
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  TheOptimist  |  0

Go up to him and say, "Hey, I don't think I've ever seen you before, my names _____. Oh wait, I guess you already knew that." Point at his phone, then walk away.

  rallets  |  22

#17 im pretty sure it had to have been on a laptop or computer. i doubt it was on his phone..unless she has extremely good superman eyesight :P

  TaylorSaysMoo  |  4

Exactly, why should someone be creeped about someone creeping on them when they're creeping on the person creeping on them?
Well the fact they've never met does make it kinda weird...

  maskedman  |  9

I actually think she was being creepier than that guy was being. She put up a facebook profile on the Internet in order for people to look at it.

I don't think that guy intended for people to spy on his phone or computer.

  boojie97  |  12

ugh im sick of crap like that^fmylife is NOT a flirting website!! do u honestly think the chances of u guys meeting r possible? as a matter of fact, how do u no if 41 is even a guy?? he could be a girl posing as a guy on the internet. i hope u do not breed.

  Nutz321  |  0

84, 90, 96- school is not a place to flirt, but loads of students do. a jam jar is for jam, but i can store money in there. it's called multipurposing. people flirt anywhere IRL, why not online.

you could say that pic's fake, but it looks pretty genuine to me. of course, you can never be 100% sure, but psychology studies found that not many people actually fake their profile pictures. however, that was only on facebook, so it's not generalisable so you may have a point. but I don't think many people put fake pictures. unless it's obviously fake, like a model. there may be a few perverts that put fake pictures , but I don't think they are the majority.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

He might not be interested in her at all. He might be reading someone else's comments/photos on her page.

OP, someone looking at your public internet profile doesn't make him a stalker. I hate it when people toss that term around. Don't make it public if you don't want people to see it. Stop spying on people and pay attention in class. YDI

  aliaskis  |  3

5 is right. YDI for making your FB stalk-able. Set your information to viewable by friends only, unless your goal is to become another young woman missing from her college campus.

  Acywhy  |  10

Agreed!! *shudders* I go to a women's college but jegus there are fappers in class....
And stalkers (Spanish class is great for this.)

I like to sit there and watch everyone try to find my profile. No one has my account or email so it's invisible... they've spent two years looking already.
One found my Cosplay account but that one doesn't count.