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Pollywannasaferneighborhood, squawk!

Move to a new neighborhood if possible


I feel bad for your neighbours.

Move to a new neighborhood if possible

At least you don't need to pay for house alarms if someone breaks in

Right. OP should either break a lease if they're renting and lose money or sell the house they most likely put everything into if they own.

That's why they said "if possible."

XxxT3rr4xxX 25

Bad luck Brian. The bird must drive you insane.

Don't get a bird if you can't handle annoying noises...

Typical bird noises are one thing. Car alarms, on the other hand, are designed to draw attention by being as annoying as humanly possible.

You can use your parrot as an alarmclock with a bit of training. Besides that, it already sound really annoying. good luck OP

I'm so sorry OP!

Watch out for your car

You would think that the owner of the car would pay more attention at some point if it has happened this much.

The owner must not care at this point

You live in Gresham, don't you?