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  MzZombicidal  |  36

I agree #1, this is horrible. I remember when I played softball as a kid/teen, grown men and women of the opposing team would yell some extremely awful things to me.
An enemy team is one thing but to boo a child at a recital? Disgusting.

  JMichael  |  25

I agree. The only good thing is she's still young enough to not realize she's being made fun of. I'd like to hunt down the bastards that did it though.

  meli1195  |  31

can people please stop being such grammar nazis? unless its undecipherable, just let it go. people are allowed to make mistakes and idk about you but sometimes I mess up while using a touchscreen.

  HarshD9619  |  34

It's the sentiment that matters. People don't need to correct such grammatical mistakes on every instance they can. It's just a small mistake. Get over it people. Judging by #2's English, it was just a typo.

  jen1097  |  25

Auto correct strikes again, thanks guys haha :)

And also, does it make you feel so superior that you corrected that mistake? Like wow, just jump right on down my throat..

  RageWolf16  |  31

It sounded more like fusions was making a joke anyway. It's likely they knew autocorrect was the culprit and was simply trying to be funny. You have to admit, "I hope you are a little girl" is a strange sentence regardless of context or autocorrect

By  Jeffo193  |  13

What a bunch of absolute cunts. So sorry to hear that OP, I'm sure your daughter was wonderful and I hope she isn't too upset by such a disgusting display from those who booed.

  sweetbliss3  |  37

whether she was superb or completely awful (we won't know, we weren't there), you don't do that to someone so impressionable. I hope she continues regardless. just have a chat and tell her there's people in the world who are just plain rude and to ignore them. good luck and good luck to your daughter. I really hope this incident doesn't make her give up and quit.

By  CourtJester27  |  12

I accidentally hit "you deserved it" while scrolling up, but I don't mean it, that is a terrible thing to do to a child and I'd like to see adults get up on stage and dance!

  Frammy007  |  7

Very rarely do I agree with using the term savages to describe a group of people, but boy do I agree with #9! These people have no soul, no compassion.

By  BBlah  |  26

I hate when it's the "adults" that do things like that
I've caught adults doing things that they're supposed to be teaching their own kids not to do (like staring, cheating, etc)
Sorry OP, make sure you let your kid know that she did amazing!