By llostinreality - / Sunday 30 September 2018 07:00 / United States - Milwaukee
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  kelardy  |  11

Depending on where they are at in Milwaukee it is hard because of all the street lights to tell though if you're behind a vehicle and have only 1 light shining back that should be a person's first clue I should think if they didn't check before they left. Though for these they are typically only warnings unless you've gotten a warning in the past week or so on the same vehicle. Then it's a ticket.

  srhearrell  |  21

Well, let’s put it this way: on my car (a 2004 VW) it requires removing the engine cover to get at the driver side lights, and removing the air intake to get at the passenger lights, both of which require tools to do.
My parents car requires pulling the front of the car about 6 inches out from the body to get at the lights at all. This requires about 3 hours at a fully stocked mechanic’s shop.

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