By skrumpp - 20/03/2014 16:15

Today, I had a text message when I woke up. I was excited as I usually don't get texts from people. Turns out it was from T-Mobile. They text me more than actual people do. FML
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deepunder 17

I get more texts from my mom than anyone else...

I get most of my texts from your mom too


deepunder 17

I get more texts from my mom than anyone else...

same, it gets kinda depressing.

Those phone bill texts make me feel so needed.

I get most of my texts from your mom too

at least you get texts...

JMichael 25

Sadly I can say this too..

Guess OP needs to get out and socialise more, rather than locking himself away like some hermit.

FML text buddies anyone? It would solve everyone's text buddy needs. Just a thought.

I have loads of people who whatsapp message me, but when I get a regular text message I get excited. 99% of the time, it's my mobile network telling me something about a bill or promotion.

deepunder 17

Im going to guess that #17 isnt over the age of 8. Anyhow, most of my friends dont use their phones :p

I always get them at 3:30am.

Sorry to hear that, OP, maybe you should go meet more people? (:

Or text them first!

I'd assume op has done that but after it feels annoy and epically if the other person doesn't text back ^

I text people a lot & I barely ever get texts back. I have kids & grands, you'd think they'd text their mom/grandma every once in a while!

Not trying to be rude but what honestly what teenager wants to text their grandma. I would reply every so often, but wouldn't want grandma to text me on a regular basis. That's just me though, I don't even have grand kids...or kids...

i'd happily text my grandmother on a regular basis. it all depends on how close of a relationship you have and how often you see them, i guess.

Don't feel bad. That's more texts than I usually get!

magnetic_aura 26

Switch to T-Mobile, I get texts from them a couple times a week!

sweetestbitcheva 14

Maybe you should go out with friends more? Sorry OP you're probably a great person:)

First world problems. This is more of a "I need advise forum."

You're definitely not the only one OP.

It's better than having that one person who never stops calling you.

infected150 27

That's more than some people can say cheer up OP.

Texting is over rated, it's better to have actual personalized conversations with people

aw don't worry OP same here! Except my mom texts me non-stop hahah

This fml has by far the most feels

You must be new on FML . You've seen nothing yet .