By davey d - 15/03/2012 16:13 - United Kingdom

Today, I asked a co-worker if he'd cover for me while I slipped out to cash some money at the bank. When I got back, I found out that when he said "yeah, sure" he actually meant "yeah, sure, I'll tell the boss and get your dumb arse suspended". FML
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He could have just said no.

Someone's looking for a raise. That sucks


He could have just said no.

Atleast you get a nice vacation:)

morgann4826 0

At least you didn't get fired

He could've also said his dad had 7 nipples.

^...? I'm surprised, Keyboard Warrior. Your comments are usually quite witty and enjoyable. Having an off day?

prettyboodoll33 2

Yeahh.. At least you didn't get fired:)

Someone's looking for a raise. That sucks

The_Troller 14

That raise is probably going to come from OP's salary.

maninthebox11 8

Hahaha ^

prettyboodoll33 2

Thats probably why he told on him, cuz he wanted a raise.

Yes 57, this is what everyone was hinting on above you.

prettyboodoll - I kind of doubt anything in your profile is true.

No. I bet she actually is single.

63- Why? It's "completely" logical for a 16 year old to model. In Florida. When she lives in England.

blackheart24 10

Why y'all trollin on 57? Maybe she actually is a model? At least she isn't fueled by beer and horror films and her pic isn't some slutty Sasha Grey shot.

57- No shit Sherlock

That's what you call 'a good friend' Gotta hate the competition going on in companies. Can't we just all be friends?

If we were all friends, wouldn't that be boring?

RedPillSucks 31

If by boring you mean no wars/conflicts/bitching at each other, then those are the unintresting times that I would like to live in.

googlefrewdnoob 0

Its conflict that makes stuff interesting

Imagine life if everyone was friends - yes conflicts, wars and hate would stop....but would you really want that? Life is about overcoming fights, getting into new ones and repeating it over. Life wouldn't be worth living without hate and the shit that you get....its what makes you, you!

I think the world would be a much better place if everyone sat down over tea and scones to talk out their issues.

42 - you're talking about a perfect world and frankly it'll never happen.

dbt88 15

42- I'm personally not a fan of tea. This idea just can't work.

As long as there are religious fundamentalists, world peace is out of reach.

If you don't like tea there's always milkshakes!

Ouch. Obviously you shouldn't be doing that, but you'd think a coworker might realize it was for a really important reason if you were leaving work to do so.

You should have asked your boss. Either that or get a job where doing errands doesn't matter.

If he was going to do that he might as well have said no.

Sounds like he has something against you if he went and told your boss on you for something as simple as that. Maybe next time you should wait until your lunch break.

kimgr 9

"yeah, sure" means a lot of different things Maybe you could've asked him what he meant when he said "yeah sure"

Sixers01 0

Actually i think yeah, sure usually means exactly what it sounds like..

KiddNYC1O 20

Another way would be if there were a sarcastic tone in their voice.

Sounds like he has something against you if he went and told your boss on you for something as simple as that. Maybe next time you should wait until your lunch break.

TheEpicMilkMan 13

i have a feeling he just doesn't like you and he wants you gone :3