By Anonymous - 16/07/2015 19:16 - United States

Today, I saw my friend at the mall. He didn't see me, so I called him to say "Turn around." He took one look at his phone, snorted loudly enough for me to hear from way off, and put it back in his pocket. FML
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I guess he's not really your friend then. Sorry Op.

I'd start looking for some new friends if I were you.


I guess he's not really your friend then. Sorry Op.

Maybe he thought it was some sort of a practical joke and he wasn't in the mood for it.

At least a reply with a message would be nice. You can find better friends op.

I'd start looking for some new friends if I were you.

Yes.. OP can shop around and get some new friends

Well, time to look at your phone, delete his number and remove him from your contacts.

Then snort loudly enough for the "friend" to hear it.

You sure know how to pick em.

I'm pretty sure I've read FMLs like this before. Are friends really this shitty nowadays?

leogachi 15

Friends don't act this way. Fake friends act this way.

Most of my "friends" are like this, so I don't even bother with them.

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I seem to be the only one not understanding the problem. Perhaps the friend thought op was making some sort of scary joke? They thought it was funny, laughed, and paid it no mind. I understand not everyone would do that, however.

RpiesSPIES 27

Disregard what I have said. I misread the fml and thought OP texted the friend.

The "friends" people talk about on FMLS are

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Should text him and say "I see you..."

Big_Bear99 19

followed by, "nice place for my phone call..."

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Are you a boy or girl?

It shows at the top of the FML on the left side wether or not they're a boy or girl..

Not all FMLs show the gender of the author

13 but this one does show the gender

LazyLion 12

Because guys don't care about this kind of stuff

"Haha", in Nelson voice.

Harsh. I guess it's time to unfriend him both in real life and on Facebook :)

You're better off without him, anyway. Snorting people are disgusting!

I think his rudeness was more disgusting than the snorting :-)

No shit, it was a joke.