By Waiter - 04/07/2010 10:03 - France

Today, the guy I've been dating for 3 years got engaged to a woman I can't stand. I work as a waiter at a catering company, they hired the company and requested me as a server for their engagement party. FML
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why would u be dumb enough to date a guy dating someone else. pretty stupid smh.


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pretty sure he hired your company on purpose. what an ass. goodluck with it OP

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Let's hope it's not the same for the wedding...

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The way this is worded it sounds like you're still (or were still) seeing him and you don't seem to be surprised that he's with her so it sounds like you are a potential homowrecker.

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What #23 said. Or you can always "accidentally" drop a cake on his head... =O

exactly what I was thinking @5 she might have proposed and he might have not known how to say no. he requested ur service so that you can hi jack the wedding or something.

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wouldn't you be a waitress?

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make them a cake with a creamy shit filling ha


I agree with 24 I think OP is either delusional about them dating or she's just a homewrecker

#29 good thought, OP should figure it out by yourself. anyway my first reaction id "**** them to hell"

just what I thought 32#, is this a guy or a girl?

put laxatives in the food and lock the toilet doors :)

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agree with 5 xP he must hate you like call in sick on that day and try make like half the company not go =D if u have to go… it's not gonna cost ur job to spill something on the bride…

yeah i agree, it makes it seem like they are still dating. also when he said waiter, I thought maybe that they are gay? idk though.,.

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looks like you weren't dating him but you were in his friend zone

missmurderx 8

can't you just reject their offer? or come in sick that day? ugh, I am soo sorry, op. he's a total ass. I'm sure you deserved better anyways, so just look on the brightside.. you have plenty of chances to sabotage now. C:

Dangerous to gay men? But that was what I was thinking, there's got to be at least one asshole in this situation.

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just explain it to your boss, I'm sure he/she will agree that it's best to keep you out of it :) OR, just take a fue days off :) get sick, etc etc

Home wrecker? Really? Like if he was seeing someone on the side it wouldn't be his fault? I wouldn't date a jerk like that, but if I did I wouldn't feel responsible for what happened in his other relationship. Pick better men op

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what a gentleman. he wanted to give your company his business as a token of his appreciation for you.

Dear OP, Simple, call in sick that day, or simply explain the situation to your boss.

I agree with 24. op, you are a homewrecker!

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yeah it's confusing. it sound as if there still together and they just engaged and op is mad

maybe you shouldn't be dating a guy that already has a girlfriend.

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you've been dating and he got engadged to someone else. he cheated on you. serve him at his wedding and tell his wife he is a cheating bastard.

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maybe she was the first one you never know

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it sounds that way to me too...

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it really sucks to be u plus i wpuld mess up that whole engagememt party when i'd get there

What a jerk! It has to be intentional, since he asked fo the OP. If he gets food poisoning, he deserves it. Then, when he posts that FML here, we can all laugh.

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yeah agree with 2, nobody goes 3 years dating someone without knowing about another person. but if that did happen, I'm sorry OP, tell the other girl about how you guys dated while they dated XD I'm sure it would result in a fight between them

Sounds like OP knew the girl and knew he was with her too. Unless it's some kind of weird arranged marriage. So YDI. If you don't want this to happen to you, don't sell yourself short next time.

crazy_bananas 31

Are we sure that he knew he was dating her?

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I feel so sorry for you ...

If I was you I would spike her food. Then drop her off at the worst location possible. Won't she be suprised when she wakes up at a Justin Beiber concert! If she lucky someone will kill her quiclky.

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So? Spit in their food. Just theirs.

DarkHelmet 10

I agree with 4 but that situation does blow

haha u got pwned !! its gunna b so akward there!!! =)

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why would u be dumb enough to date a guy dating someone else. pretty stupid smh.

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wow what a douche !! I would do it but call him out in front of everyone . sorry op fyl :((

Thats so shxt. You should poison their food;)

OP, you mean 'waitress', right? o _ O

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lol I think they're gay... well one is bi apparently.

TheDrifter 23

agreed 107. op referred to himself as a waiter, and he is French after all, shouldn't really be surprising to anyone.

Maybe OP does me waiter and it's a guy... that would explain dating him for 3 years and then all of a sudden marrying a girl they hate...

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Spit on her hors d'oeuvres, taint the wine with your urine, and jump in the cake.

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"Today, at my engagement party, a girl I used to see on the side jumped out of the cake. My fiancee dumped me and went off with her. FML"