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The way this is worded it sounds like you're still (or were still) seeing him and you don't seem to be surprised that he's with her so it sounds like you are a potential homowrecker.

  HazelBunny  |  0

agree with 5 xP
he must hate you
like call in sick on that day and try make like half the company not go =D
if u have to go… it's not gonna cost ur job to spill something on the bride…

  missmurderx  |  8

can't you just reject their offer? or come in sick that day? ugh, I am soo sorry, op.
he's a total ass. I'm sure you deserved better anyways, so just look on the brightside.. you have plenty of chances to sabotage now. C:

  EllyH  |  0

just explain it to your boss, I'm sure he/she will agree that it's best to keep you out of it :)

OR, just take a fue days off :)
get sick, etc etc

  skittle68  |  0

Home wrecker? Really? Like if he was seeing someone on the side it wouldn't be his fault? I wouldn't date a jerk like that, but if I did I wouldn't feel responsible for what happened in his other relationship. Pick better men op

  maskedbunny  |  0

What a jerk! It has to be intentional, since he asked fo the OP. If he gets food poisoning, he deserves it. Then, when he posts that FML here, we can all laugh.


yeah agree with 2, nobody goes 3 years dating someone without knowing about another person.
but if that did happen, I'm sorry OP, tell the other girl about how you guys dated while they dated XD
I'm sure it would result in a fight between them

  letmeinplease  |  0

Sounds like OP knew the girl and knew he was with her too. Unless it's some kind of weird arranged marriage. So YDI. If you don't want this to happen to you, don't sell yourself short next time.

  afatmonkey  |  0

If I was you I would spike her food. Then drop her off at the worst location possible. Won't she be suprised when she wakes up at a Justin Beiber concert! If she lucky someone will kill her quiclky.