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Today, I faced my severe phobia of spiders in order to remove a rather large one from my home. After 20 minutes of desperate struggling, it was finally taken care of. Relieved, I sat down and glanced across the hallway just in time to see a second, equally large spider strutting across the wall. FML
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I usually handle smaller spiders okay unless they surprise me, but these guys were big. This happened at about 1 am last night and my housemate was asleep, so a vacuum was not an option. I did use big spray. In fact, I nailed the first one three times and it shrugged it off like a BAMF (it was a Texan spider, after all). I actually already have a cat - two, in fact. They were very interested in the spiders, but I didn't want them to get bitten, so I didn't let them get close enough to attack. I finally got the first one in a cup with a lid and filled that sucker up with the bug spray. That worked! Then I saw the second one and about died, myself. It ended up under a cup eventually, too, and met Mr. Shoe. Thanks for the suggestions, though - they made me laugh!


People have an irrational fear of spiders. Pretty funny, actually.

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You think it's funny when people are terrified of something?

24, If I truly hate said person then yes I do.

#16 - A possible evolutionary adaptation to be instinctively fearful of spiders, when many species are still poisonous today is not irrational. Whether certain behaviours resulting from the phobia are irrational is debatable. However, I commend OP for facing the phobia, at least :)

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I don't think it's cute when anyone is scared of anything..

16 If it's so funny to be afraid of Spiders, then go get bitten by a few and see what happens. If you get poisoned, don't come crying to me.

the pun was a little forced but I'll give it to ya

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#16 isn't wrong a normal reaction when seeing some one scared is to laugh also hope you got him OP

#16, last Monday I got bitten by a spider on the face and it caused tissue death, resulting in surgery and stitches. Fear of spiders isn't irrational.

#33, you are retarded. Stop at life, please. Everyone else, there are a small number of spiders in the world that can kill you or cause permanent bodily harm. Being afraid of spiders is an irrational fear. You should be cautious of spiders, as some of them are poisonous, but yiu should not fear them. There is no reason to fear something so small. That's like being afraid of bugs. If you see a spider, kill it or keep it around to kill bugs. Also, vo camping guys. You will see tons of spiders and will most likeky get bitten a few times. It really doesn't hurt.

Really? You think I should "stop at life" because I made a valid point that many other people agree with? Some people are just so ignorant, and can't accept that they made a stupid comment.

You should stop at life because you are an idiot. You try to sound smart by talking about stuff you don't know anything about. You are more likely to die from a dog, wolf, mountain lion, bear, bee, alligator, etc. There are only 6 deaths from spider bites per year, most of which are small kids provoking spiders. So yes, being afraid of spiders is irrational. I could understand if you were to be cautious around spiders, but there is no need to fear them.

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#155, who gives a **** if there are ONLY 6 deaths per year? That's still a spider-caused death. I personally hate the freaky bastards and am only recently gaining the courage to clear them out of the house myself. Also, that's why it's called a phobia. It's an IRRATIONAL fear. Lastly, don't tell someone to just quit at life for stating their opinion on the matter, makes you come off as a ****.

155 clearly you're not afraid of spiders. on behalf of the rest of us who are, please **** out of our lives without wishing us death

The only comment addressing the actual pun. Thank you

*Terran Ghost Voice* Did somebody call for an exterminator?

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"Tactical nuke ready, flip the switch", its the only way to deal with the infestation...

You killed its lover OP. It's after revenge!!

You're not alone OP. I'm scared of spiders too.

@4 - Wanna meet my pet? He's showing off his fangs for youuuuu.

And that's when you set you house on fire lol

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Not a laughing matter, shit just got real burn the bitch down

Just use an insect spray next time, quick and sure fix.

Yep. Use Home Defense around the perimeter of your floor, the outside of your house, and around any external doors and windows. It lasts a year. I had problems with a variety of creepy crawlies in my house (they were literally all over everything... you couldn't pick up a box in the kitchen without having 10 huge ants fall off), large spiders included, and they all vanished within 24 hours of spraying. It's been two months since I saw them.

Insects are almost invincible nowadays. I sprayed raid on a spider till it was completely covered and it was still walking like nothing happened.

Invest in a nice, wide drinking glass and some quality card stock. Always come with the glass from the bottom, never from the top. The ones who don't spin nets will simply drop down to the ground faster than you can look if they see you coming from above. The one who spin nets will drop almost as fast on a thread. When you have them shove the cardboard underneath and you are save. Don't worry, exposure will bring your arachnophobia down to a manageable level soon enough.

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When you said "nice, wide drinking glass" I thought you were going to tell OP to "drink their worries away". I like my version better(:

Unfortunately spiders know when you are drunk and incapacitated. They will come and get you.

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Good choice. Even though the 'fact' that you are never more than three (or ten) feet away from a spider at any given time is a myth, I wouldn't want to risk it either.

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Time for round two. Ring the bell!

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This comment went perfectly with your profile picture.

Fyl OP maybe it's time to pay a visit to your local bug exterminator, that or like above you can also move out, even though I'd recommend the first part

I am right there with you OP, I am terrified of spiders, and they do not have to be big I hate any size spiders. FYL

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If it has 8 legs, it does not live long if I see it. I get very creative with my techniques of exterminating them. :-D