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be thankful! there aren't many generous thieves out there...

Yeah, because I'm so sure this happened 5 min ago.



C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!! eh, fuck it. bitch.


big booty bitch"s

bitch. lul.

People can call you a bitch all they want, you're right. haha. it does suck to be her/him.

Sorry OP it was me, I needed the money. But damn, those rims were really nice and almost got me a stack.

Pringles Stalks are pretty damn good.

How do you not notice them taking the wheels off?

Maybe the OP's a heavy sleeper and didn't hear the noise outside.

same thing happened to my father back in montreal... good thing my mom had a car aswell

WTF op? they didn't leave the car on sleepers and bricks for you; it was just so they could remove the tires easier.

no really!!!?

be thankful! there aren't many generous thieves out there...

dude just got "bricked"

It's the little things that count.

Why are sitting on FML when you could be filing a fucking police report!?

Yeah, because I'm so sure this happened 5 min ago.

Totally, FMLs are real-time after all.

Why are talking like this? Oh my god my dog just died! I better just sit here and post it on FML, because if I don't post immediately after it happened I will never be able to do it in the future! Moron.

Dont think they were being nice,for sum1 2 remove a tyre the car has 2 b kinda lifted,u knw using that thingy i think its a jack sumthn

Doc, we need your translation engine.

A slap or temporary(Read:Permanent) keyboard confiscation would fit the situation much better.

11, it isn't that hard. The idiot is saying that they weren't being nice and they probably used the bricks to serve as a jack whilst they removed the tyres since the car has to be lifted.

Idiot, I don't know. There is grammatically flawed and then there is that post. That poster was doing that intentionally. Or at least I can hope...

25, there's always worse. Such as don't being turned to dun and that turned to dat. The number/letter thing as well.

At that point it would be a troll I'd hope and not severe cognitive disabilities.

Sum1 s43d dat dun aint f4n

dude learn how to spell

Dude, learn to capitalise and use fullstops.

The best part of this is your all being told by a girl what tools were used to steal the wheels... now before any one say's any thing I'm not saying girls no nothing about cars I'm just saying alot of girls don't even know how to take a tire off never mind know the right names of the tools used to do so

Every single response to this comment has grammatical errors.

39, every girl should know how to at least change a tyre in case of an emergency. 43, none of us claimed that our posts don't have grammatical errors.

I know how to change a tire! it was one of the first things about cars I learned after I got my license. And WTF is a "fullstop"? Forgive me for being clueless, but I've never heard that before.

46, yeah my instructor taught me how to change a tyre before I got my licence. . That's a full stop. You know... the dots after a sentence?

Oh. I didn't realize they were called anything other than a period! good to know! Lol thanks!

Oh how I love irony. It's too funny that you can't even spell capitalize correctly when telling someone to use proper grammar. It's even funnier you go on to have more spelling errors, yet, you feel you have the room to reprimand others that make grammar errors just like you do? Learn how to spell correctly before telling people to use proper "capitalisation" and periods. Word?

50, I never did mention grammar? Also, 'capitalisation' is correct. We aren't all in America. Thank you for the rant though.

Oh how I love the irony. Someone that is far too stupid to realise that 'capitalize' is spelt 'capitalise' in other parts of the worlds, is going to jump into the conversation. The first commenter was a moron and there's a long list of idiots that have seemed to follow. Whether errors are done on purpose or not, learn how to spell or stop being irritatingly stupid.

Dammit, y'all weren't supposed to know about the other worlds.

Aria, how many other worlds we speaking 'bout?! :D Are they all occupied with autistic brats who spell realize 'realise' and spell periods (I always think of the menstrual cycle) fullstops?

I'm talking about 5 other worlds. They are..nevermind, I've said too much.

I'm so glad I missed this mind-numbing brawl, but I'm sorry to say I read the whole thread. Thanks a lot to everyone above me for causing my previously-intact brain aneurysm to rupture.

Do You mean "tire?"

find who did it and...suduce his mother...

8, or they could seduce the person's mother, but that won't solve the problem. You're an idiot.

right...I posted at like 2:00 am...don't hate...and after having your way with his mother you could take her wheels...

Or any other major city.

that happened to my brother one morning some years back. i was laughing at him. but sucks in your case hahah

u should put wheel locks!