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Today, out of my bedroom window, I can see my next door neighbour's window. On his ledge, I can see binoculars, tissues and vaseline. FML
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Maybe he has got a cold from bird watching all night.


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are you hot?? if you are I totally understand lol

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sorry this comment was ment for the OP I dont know what happened

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Next time you see him there throw an orange at his window.

I'm sure that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. Maybe he goes bird watching with the binoculars, cleans up bird poop with the tissue.... Not quite sure how to explain the vaseline...

ienjoithinqs 0

But vaseline is to thick to ********** with O.o

He was obviously bird watching, then had to sneeze, then his lips got chapped. Duh.

He was obviously bird watching, then had to sneeze, then his lips got chapped. Duh.

He was obviously bird watching, then had to sneeze, then his lips got chapped. Duh.

DinosaursAreCool_fml 8

Why does he need binoculars to see you if you can see all that stuff just fine? He must be bird watching.

what she should do is pretend she's gonna get dress, and when she sees him with his binoculars, throw him the finger and call the cops for invasion of privacy :p

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Get curtains that on the outside when they're closed reads: u mad bro?

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Every1luvsboners is your next door neighbor?!

I was expecting a dirtier comment from #69

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MissBunny, If you were my neighbor there is a possibility you may find the same items on the ledge of my window. ;-)

maybe he was bird watching and had a stuffy nose?

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I know, I could only imagine :o

Georgieeporgiee 9

That would freak me out loads! Never open your curtain again hahax

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He beats his meat to the woman on the other side of the street

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That is why london is so screwed up!

LiyIa_fml 8

I would mess with his mind and make him think you're a crazy pshyco path who is also skitzofrenic (I can't spell that word if my life depended on it)

Woah...I'd confront him about it,that's a total violation of your privacy and he shouldn't get away with it. FYL

OP should keep the blinds closed for a while, stop shaving, open curtains, and voila!

well... if you're hot and you're getting naked in front of your window on a regular basis, what do you expect? altho if I was him, I'd actually try to get you in bed

He likes to go bird watching. The outdoors make his allergies act up so he needs tissues. Vaseline to help him breathe better. F his life for not being able to enjoy an outdoor activity in full.

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Number 2 I love your profile pic! I have 2 pugs :D

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olpally 32
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Next time op changes just as shes about to take her shirt / pants off turn around look at him then close the blinds

fatme2012 7

Some blinds will take care of that YDI.

Rico_Mal1116 0

It's not what you think!! He cleans his binoculars with Vaseline on his balcony, and cleans up with tissues!!

Says the person with the picture of two dogs kissing...

worlds123dumbest 4

261- Baby animals that look like they're kissing are cute. Not perverted. Wtf went through your mind when you saw that picture? O.O

1waytoolive 1

Maybe he has got a cold from bird watching all night.

And the Vaseline is to lubricate...his nose!

Yeah dont be so full of yourself, hes probably jacking of to the birds

and the vaseline? get your boyfriend/any guy really/a male prostitute to come to your house and wait near the window. wear sexy clothes. when you see him, wink and let the guy give pervy perverson the pervth a naked dance. with scarves. then contact the police. and probably advise him a water based lubricant is more efficient. for when he eventually ends up in prison.

Don't change in front of the window and use your curtains.

Exactly! I mean, it's not okay for OP's neighbor to be a peeping Tom, but if OP has been changing in front of her window with the curtains open every night, she was kind of asking for it. I know some times curtains don't match the decor of the bedroom, but at least have the decency to go to another room or, if nothing else, just not in front of that window.

a lot of people on this site have death note related pictures

I wonder if OP is a girl or a boy.. That just makes things a little weirder.

I never said the OP had to go into a completely different room, I said to not change directly in front of the window. That doesn't completely change the way the OP lives and neither does closing the curtains/blinds. The police can only do so much, by the way.

This man, or woman, has simple pleasures, what's the big deal!

Actually I change in another room anyways so yes and I am female. Also ignoring the problem is a good idea in my opinion, unless the neighbor is a complete psycho and attacks the OP or something. That's when OP should call the cops and get a restraining order!

Mabey hes watching birds, and has a cold... I've got nothing for the vaseline.

Well by blowing your nose so much your nose get red and you need vasiline to sooth dry red skin

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Maybe he convienently placed the vaseline there because he burnt his fingers eating... HOT POCKETS!

Simple; get some curtains or blinds and/or stop getting changed in front of a window.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

At least she's not a bitch. I like her comments. There's nothing wrong with this comment either. That's really all OP has to do to repair the situation. Although, depending on where she (he?) lives, the neighbor might have been checking out somebody else in his view. She should get a furry costume and put on a sexy show for him.

Littlemissgrace, go and talk to all those guys your profile asked to check you out on facebook, because I don't think you're going to do well here. Mainly because if the haters/trolls continue, I'm gonna go all Kay on their asses and prove Shrooms' first sentence wrong. Thanks, Shrooms. And Dougelo, I agree.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

I don't understand why Cinn seems to have so many haters. She's never mean, and she always posts a comment that could be helpful for the OP. Plus, she's not a ******* idiot like half of the people on this site are. Eh, I just don't get it.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

63, There's no logic to it, but it's pretty simple. Some random dumbass picks a person at whom to fling an unwarranted insult, and everybody else just jumps on the bandwagon because that's just how they get their jollies.

Don't hate on Cinn. Shes probably one of the most intelligent people on this site. Ive seen her for years, Hop off her back.

I remember having some good convos with cinn a while back she's inteligent funny and level headed. 31 I've had no previous encounters with you but I already hate you.

Cinn can beat the shit out of you, littlemissgrace. Grammatically and physically, you bitch.

I don't get why people hate cinn either. Cause frankly I love her comments half the time I enjoy them more then the actual FML. XD

ShroomsOnAcid 16

You're the only one that doesn't like Conn, 31. I guess you must have correctly referred to yourself as "nobody".

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I hate cinn too! Nah I'm kidding. Cinn's awesome. :)

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As much as i wanted to i did not thumb your comment up so that it would stay at 69.

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He is bird watching and he has a cold. Easy to explain. Lol. FYL but get some curtains.