By Cashier - United States
Today, at the end of my shift with a long line of customers, the older woman I was checking out calmly said, "You should take a minute to fix your hair dear, we have all been talking about it while we waited." FML
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  enonymous  |  8

What planes are you flying on? My stewardess looks old crusty and sucks on their finger nails waiting for the plane to land so they can take a smoke break and join the pilots for a booze run

  smileyxo4  |  5

aw that was nice of the old woman. I think I'd rather someone tell me about how awful my hair looks, rather than go the whole day while people talk about it.

  LiyIa_fml  |  8

Who cares what people think! Show off that messy hair with pride! Or reply with, "Maybe, you could give me some pointers? I've always wanted to look like I live in the woods in a tree and bath in the river."

  prinzess_fml  |  25

You don't respect the customers if you look like you came straight out of bed.

Plus the lady wasn't rude. On the contrary, she's helping, so that OP won't get any more nasty comments.

  godofcyanide  |  8

79, you're probably better off following 76's advice than not. The average dude on the street is likely considering you as 76 does, and is too stupid to keep it in check (hence, the rudeness). Most of this "hatred" is disguised jealousy (because most people are mentally dull and materialistic), which is why you get an old lady making a rude, unnecessary comment towards a young person. People are dicks.