By Cashier - 24/09/2011 06:21 - United States

Today, at the end of my shift with a long line of customers, the older woman I was checking out calmly said, "You should take a minute to fix your hair dear, we have all been talking about it while we waited." FML
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If a stewardess can look perfect for hours, you can too

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What planes are you flying on? My stewardess looks old crusty and sucks on their finger nails waiting for the plane to land so they can take a smoke break and join the pilots for a booze run

Maybe she was going for the grunge look. If Hobos pull it off, she can too!

OP you do realize you made it sound like you were checking out an older woman right?

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aw that was nice of the old woman. I think I'd rather someone tell me about how awful my hair looks, rather than go the whole day while people talk about it.

British airways have HOT stewardess... Just saying.

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Qatar airways have really hot stewardess too. It's the American ones like united and delta that look like they were peeled off the street.

"the older woman I was checking out" -- Hmm....

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who gives a shit what those critical bastards thought of your hair while you're working hard to make a honest buck.. sheesh.

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Who cares what people think! Show off that messy hair with pride! Or reply with, "Maybe, you could give me some pointers? I've always wanted to look like I live in the woods in a tree and bath in the river."

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5- not exactly, if op is a cashier and was really busy then she prob had no time to check to see what her hair looked like.

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This is something my grandma would have done but she's a hairdresser

Pete and Repete. I wonder how many people will actually get this reference?

I think you're the only one here who wasn't smart enough to check the posting times of comments #1 and #2. Think before you speak. Do you get that reference?

I did notice that. This only goes to show that my statement went over your head. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Pleasant trolling. :)

What about arrogance? "I'm awesome! That's all you need to know about me", says your profile. To you **** off looking at pictures of yourself?

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OP found herself in a rather hairy situation now didn't she?

Man now I wish I knew what OP's hair looked like.

You don't respect the customers if you look like you came straight out of bed. Plus the lady wasn't rude. On the contrary, she's helping, so that OP won't get any more nasty comments.

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Probably "Something about Mary" hair.

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People are just rude ass bitches sometimes. Unfortunately, part of dealing with customers is having to take it. FYL, OP.

I think NOT telling her would be worse. So yeah, not a "rude ass bitch".

I think the operative word is "calmly". I don't think she was doing it to be rude, but that's just my opinion.

I think the pArt she says, we have all been talking about it makes it rude :-)

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Thats why I hate everyone equally until I know them personally:)

76 - Yeah that's a great way to get NOBODY to like you. I can't even believe you're proud of that. See, I hate you because I know you from that comment.

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79, you're probably better off following 76's advice than not. The average dude on the street is likely considering you as 76 does, and is too stupid to keep it in check (hence, the rudeness). Most of this "hatred" is disguised jealousy (because most people are mentally dull and materialistic), which is why you get an old lady making a rude, unnecessary comment towards a young person. People are dicks.

dont worry about them! if you like your hair like that then leave it like that and its not like your trying to impress them anyway :L

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Don't take it personally. Old people tend to say whatever is on their minds. At least she told you because she could have just kept quiet and laughed.