By deee21 - 24/09/2011 08:23 - Australia

Today, while resting in bed, I felt a slight tickle on my neck. Thinking it was a cockroach, I panicked and flung it across the bedroom. Turns out it was my brand new necklace, which is now broken into dozens of pieces. FML
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I don't get why your first thought was that it was a cockroach.

Is your house nasty enough that cockroaches get in your bed :/


I don't get why your first thought was that it was a cockroach.

Says she's from New South Wales Australia, they have quite a few roaches there, plus if OP doesn't like bugs so much it's understandable if she's a little paranoid in a place where there's an abundance of them.

Maybe, it's one of those antique bug shaped really expensive necklaces, in that case FYL OP

Roaches are nasty. When a big rain storm comes the giant ones come into houses and that's happened to me. :( But since when do FML's with spelling errors get put into the rotation?

@26- That's all good and fine, but wouldn't she recall wearing a necklace? The OP is a spaz. Irrationally freaking out doesn't get you anywhere, lol. YDI. @33-Quite often. They mods usually correct them and continue pretending they're perfect. :D

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Why would you touch a cockroach in the first place -.-?????

Not usually. But I don't get how she could had grabbed her necklace and flung it across the room if she was wearing it. Shouldn't it have been connected together?

Thank you! I was wondering why no one else thought of that. If she was wearing it, she shouldn't have been able to fling it across the room. Unless it was so cheap it broke the second she touched it, in which case I wouldn't think it would be that big a deal to lose it...

43- I personally do. I don't see the point of taking it all off just to put it back on again

being a man my only jewelry is my class ring and We Came As Romans wrist band and I take both off before bed

I just don't understand why people wear jewelry to bed, except plugs.

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And 1 my first reaction when I feel a slight tickle is oh my god it's a bug. And I know most people react that way.

I can't stand wearing jewelry to bed... or anything. I sleep either in the nude or a pair of boxers. It seems like it would be rather uncomfortable to sleep with jewelry on o.O

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"Be careful though. We got some baaaadddd roaches here"

Haha I panic too when I get a random tickle... From my hair.

34, if you have a bug phobia, you can't help irrationally freaking out, it's like an instinct.

67 is right. Plus, if OP was in bed, she may have been too half-asleep to remember that she had a necklace on.

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Uhm, she didn't want it on her. Duh. She had to get it off somehow. -.- Stupid question...

I thought a first reaction would be to swipe at it, not grab it and throw it against the wall. And wouldn't she have had to take the necklace off before she threw it?

LOL. and this sounds fake, if the neckase was around ur neck then it wudnt fly across the room and second if it wasnt around ur neck how wud it randomly get on ur neck and give u the crawly feeling?

Well at least we no the bed bugs will never bite OP

I have a necklace I never take off-not even in the shower.

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Rather have a roach than a giant ass wolf spider crawl on me when I was trying to sleep, true story.

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Happens to all of us... Ok, no.. Its just you. Sorry about your necklace. =(

It had to be cheap to break in thousands of pieces. Just sayin. YDI for the cheap jewelry.

Wow #2 those dogs look delicious, and I don't mean cute, more like I want them in my belly...

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Not all of us but most of us.

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Am I the only one that's weirded out she wore jewellery to bed...? Hopefully it was a short chain neckless or this story would go on explaining how she asphyxiated in her sleep

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Why would there be a cockroach in your bed?

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Its happened to me's terrifying. I don't blame you OP.

Is your house nasty enough that cockroaches get in your bed :/

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Isn't that the thing that cleans your pool?

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If you are living somewhere were you would think a cockroach would be on your neck during the night, you need to move or clean..

Actually, in many warm places (like Australia) houses are pretty open. I lived in Hawaii and We didn't have many glass windows. They were all louvers. We also left them (and the doors) open most of the time. It's easy for roaches to crawl in and nearly impossible to get rid of them. They're tough. So it isn't that they're house is junky, they just live in a warm place where roaches are prominent.

Don't pearls break kinda easily though? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Yeah, pearl necklaces can break easily. Depending on how well they're strung. *fighting off dirty thoughts.*

no they aren't doesn't anyone on this site listen to Bring Me The Horizon

I do too! I feel like I just ---spilled my ******* guts! Saying I do. (:

No no you suck. Bring Me The Horizon is awesome

I would think there is a difference in the way the necklace, and a cockroach feels?

Next time just try swatting whatever it is rather than...that, but at least it's a lesson learnt.

Hopefully, there won't be a next time. (: She panicked so, getting whatever is crawling on you fast! is a natural instinct.

Agreed. But surely swatting it would be easier than grabbing it..?

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But then she'd have roach guts on her neck. D:

Squishing roaches spews their eggs everywhere, I wouldn't recommend squishing one.