By Anonymous - 16/04/2009 18:42 - United States

Today, I was dressing in my apartment when I noticed I left the blinds open. Outside, a maintenance man was mowing the grass within eyeshot. I figured I'd leave the blinds open and give him a little peek of the goods. Later I found a note on my window saying, 'Next time, close the blinds'. FML
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EWWW!! Why would you do that? That's just gross..


Leilanibear_8594 0

Wow your quite the little ***** now arent u?

i probably wouldn't mind if i got a little peek...

u know it's always the ugly ones thattry to show it.

King_of_Kings 3

#1 took the words right out of my mouth.

probably "what a *****" or something like that

f_mylife24 0

EWWW!! Why would you do that? That's just gross..

u probably aren't as hot as you'd like to think

T9FTW 20

XD - "...little peek of the goods..."

haha, fail. not everyone wants to see the goods, i guess...

hahayousucks 3

yea or maybe the guy was just trying to be polite. it's great how some ppl jump to conclusions.

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maybe he is just not that into girls ever think of that?