By OhDeary - 01/08/2011 20:18 - United States

Today, our power went out due to some severe storms. My daughter, who is 18, asked me why the lights on the car still worked. FML
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Say because it's plugged in.

Damn not the brightest child


Say because it's plugged in.

you have a child prodigy in your hands!

well I mean with all these hybrids now a days she has a good point

People are raising dumbasses now a days

18 - Its like an Einstien reincarnation!

Underpants Gnomes are powering it

She may have just discovered electricity! Give her an award :D

Should of told her because the car runs on stupidity, basically the same reason she was still working

well if you live in a RV it's a valid question

Next time don't drop your babies.

She should have been swallowed lmao

Vaginas can swallow? Well, you learn something new every day i guess.

Maybe it's Bumblebee...

is she blonde by any chance?

Your a moron, even hybrids don't need to be plugged in to work. They only need to be plugged in to recharge

This comment was aimed at #22

120 - You're* the moron here.

To be fair, I can understand what she was thinking: She probably thought that power goes out due to some kind of "EMP effect" caused by lightning, and that it wasn't the electric company turning off the electric, but rather, that the electric in the sky caused all nearby electronics to temporarily die. Heck, I'm studying as an engineer, and I still have no idea why they turn off power during storms.

Not the brightest lightbulb in the pack.

85, number 70 meant OP's mom shouldve just given a blowjob instead -_-

128: I think it goes off because stuff (like tree parts) falls on the power lines and break/damage them

166- Or lightning strikes the like or a step-up/step-down transformer and blow it therefore stopping the flow of electricity.

Tell her it's being powered by your mind, see if it scares her

Whoa her SAT/ACT score must be through the roof !

yea mars people!

120 - You're a retard. You don't plug in hybrids, the electric motor is charged by the gas motor and brakes.

Yeah an EMP bomb would have done! (Generals Zero Hour)

You are*

Damn not the brightest child

I see what you did there.

hope she's good with her lips...

watch her get a major involving electricity

Which set of lips flockz? I'd say both.

kids learn from their parents - what can I say?

I have a friend just like that and goes to Harvard

Sometimes people say stupid things. That's why we invented the internet: it collects the stupidity so it can't hurt as many.

I think you mean it collects the stupidity and shows it to the rest of the world Ex. The comment above

The Internet provide anonymity so that stupid and smart people garner the same respect until someone says something dumb and shows the entire world how dumb the average person is

Hahah she deserves a dummy slap.

haha you deserve a face palm..

you deserve a special face high-five!

She deserves a bitch slap.

Just wondering, is there a reason that's your picture? A speedometer reading about 75 miles an hour? Just curious.

Never mind. I guess 85 is okay.

I bet she's blonde.

U raised her!

Tell her static energy in the air makes it work--tell her it's actually slightly brighter in a severe storm, I'm sure she'll check.

haha I like your username

Marry her off quick!!!

This is why dowries were invented :)

what is this, Kentucky? who marries at 18?

There is a hamster in there running along a wheel making the lights go on. right?

well u raised her

Yes, but apparently, it's afraid of thunderstorms.