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Today, one of the girls who has made it her job to ruin my life cornered me in the hallway at school. She tried to insult me, and for the first time in my life I had a scathing comeback. My elation quickly ended when she violently shoved my face into the water fountain. FML
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This is my FML. I made an account to comment. I play pen&paper D&D with my dad and she was getting on my case about playing the nerd sport and how pathetic it was. I told her that at least I can have a relationship with my father that doesn't involve him paying for abortions.

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This is unacceptable behavior from her side. Go talk to a teacher, or even better: your principal. This has to stop.


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imavelociraptor 6

No, but that bully obviously lacks common sense.

BusinessTurtle 8

21, it is when you're defending yourself. Protip, when you walk away from a fight, it's easy for the other person to pull you back into it and land a quick and easy hit. If someone throws the first punch, you should punch, kick, elbow, knee them until they're either unable or unwilling to keep on fighting.

Yes, because relying on Big Brother is totally better.

How is it not? If you stab someone or beat them until they're bleeding, do you think they will keep messing with you? NO! Violence is the answer, and with dealing with these kind of people, the only one they'll listen to

Guys remember this let them have the first hit so you can claim selfdefense or it'll be possible for you to get in trouble...

32 people are ******* retarded for saying YDI. Seriously people how does she ******* deserve this kind of god damn treatment? This is an FML that should go into the book as only FYL no YDIs she doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.

Start punching and kicking every time till they leave you alone. You may loose but let them know you where there.

47, sometimes the finger slips on to the wrong option and trolls! also, was "*******" really needed in capitals?

Buy a taser. A 10 second charge from a powerful one would render her unconscious for about 30 minutes. Even a small shock would disorient her enough for OP to get a good blow in.

bugmenotmofo 34

Look, to properly deal with person like that, you'll have to permanently disable them, which can result in prison time. Getting her expelled, getting teachers or police to help will be much better idea.

Guys guys guys, violence is NEVER the answer. It's the question, and in this case, the answer is hell-*******-yes. If that bitch busted your lip, she better be getting out of that fight with crutches! Where's my club and leopard skin unitard?

14, 21- I was bullied incessantly through grade school and middle school. People like this don't respond to reason. Considering that this imbecile has already worked her way to explosive violence, the best thing OP can do is effectively defend herself. After complaining of course. OP will benefit from filing a complain first before taking action.

44- at my school, you can't claim self-defense. If you throw any punches or kicks at all, you have to go to court.

Ok I was replaying to Nr.1 and I though Nr.1 meant that OP should go and kick her ass after she did that already some time ago.. but if the girl hit OP I totally think OP should defend herself... If not, sue I don't know...

Open a can of whup-ass on her. It's the only way bullies learn, and if you get pulled up to the teachers say it was either self-defence now or bottling up your frustration until you break and bring a weapon in.

108 In that case I would beat the shit out of her before she lands a blow and claim temporary insanity due to constant bullying... I'm not sure about where you are, but bullying is illegal here.. One of my teachers have even told me how a kid hit somebody with a chair and didn't get in trouble.. He hit his bully, Sure his mom bitched at the teacher for not giving him detention, But he told her he's lucky the kid didn't shoot his ass up..

If you beat the shit out of someone who's bullying you, will they continue messing with you? Probably not. Sounds like a decent answer to me.

Exactly, And word gets around noone else will bully you.. There is a slight chance you'd also be called a badass..

That does not always work either. I got shoved into a concrete wall in school-and all i did to them was pin them-i got 10 days Out of School and a HUGE fine. They got nothing. I on the other hand-had a bloody nose-They had nothing

144 As I said before sue the school. That is total b.s...

Listen Chica it doesn't matter who throws a punch in school you both get suspeneded. tell your parents and teachers and people to get them to stop however if they don't just go ballistic on them. only a 10 day suspension.

In my school if it's self defense than the bully gets written up. Ah, the south...

Just wait for then to go on the offensive, beat her into submission, and then rightfully call it self defense. (For this occasion and future ones.)

Don't listen to these guys. The only way to stop bullies is violence it's the only thing bullies understand just don't start it.

philbelfrage 13

I had a kid start punching me in the face last year. I walked away from a couple of fights, but the third time he did it I punched him back hard enough to knock him out cold. I claimed self defense and the tapes of him punching me on the three separate occasions were seen. I got into more trouble then him, because it doesn't matter if you were defending yourself in my school district, you still suffer the same consequences, and since I knocked him out I got it worse. That's why maybe op wouldn't want to resort to violence.

As a guy grew up in the rough neighborhood and punk-filled schools, the most effective way of end bullying is, sadly, fighting back aka violence. The fight back is not about winning, it's about you making a stand for yourself, if you give the bully hell during every encounter, even if you lose, the bully will have to think twice before he/she does it again, and likely to stop it all together. If you want to do it the civilized way, get a restraining order or something, escalate the issue to authorities outside of the school.

The question is,"Where will the fight be after school?"

bugmenotmofo 34

Actually they can continue bullying you and things can get more violent. They can also decide to get revenge, gather few friends and gang up on you while you're on your way from school. The best idea is to request help from greater power - police or teachers. Of course, if you have 50 or so friends to back you up if things go wrong, you *could* try solving problem with violence, but this is very likely that things will go very wrong. Having a tazer might be a good idea, though.

116- I wish bullying was illegal everywhere. Better yet, I wish bullying never occurred. :/

An ass beating is a humbling thing and that girl needs one

Goddamnit, I don't know why I bother reading the comments anymore. You guys are the most immature, frustrated, anti-social, anti-fact forum I've ever seen. Guess what? Violence is just about the worst way to deal with a bully. How do you know you'll win the fight? What if they just gang up on you with a bunch if friends. Best case scenario, you're still just a loser who picked the least productive, most self-gratifying option when you had a million better choices. Learn self defense? Tell an adult? Learn to stand up for yourself nonviolently? Who needs that when you can just stoop to their level and release all your anger in a self-destructive, habit forming way? Pathetic.

194- Violence is often considered self-defense and vice versa. Sometimes you need to follow just the law and not school fight rules.

that was to 67 sorry about the double post, new here

205 - it's obvious that no one here is talking about self-defense; they're talking about revenge. You don't need to kick someone's ass to get out of a violent situation. There's nothing wrong with defending yourself if you're being attacked, but half the comments here are suggesting OP just wait for the bully to make the first move, and then you "self-defense" them to a bloody pulp. It's a bunch of emotional revenge that just isn't the best option.

235 - yeah, sure. "In that case I would beat the shit out of her before she lands a blow and claim temporary insanity due to constant bullying" Do you really think that's necessary? How hard is it to force them to the ground then run away? Or hit them once and run away? Why do you need to "beat the shit out of" them to be satisfied? It's so obvious that these posts are nothing but revenge fantasies.

BradTheBrony 19

Actually, RUNNING works, too. I used to be physichally and verbally picked on by this fat douche, so what I did was draw him to areas I knew and ran. Backwards. Both middle fingers raised.

BradTheBrony 19

Actually, RUNNING works, too. I used to be physichally and verbally picked on by this fat douche, so what I did was draw him to areas I knew and ran. Backwards. Both middle fingers raised.

Did u run while singing stewies trombone fat song?

in my school even if it is self defense you still get charged with assault

This is unacceptable behavior from her side. Go talk to a teacher, or even better: your principal. This has to stop.

OP, I don't know how they work at your school, but I've never had luck telling a principal or a teacher. The option that will get her off you is to beat her ass until she's bloody and crying.

RvidxrKlvn 8

That doesn't always work, unfortunately. There's teachers out there that just don't care but OP should definitely try talking to the police if it gets to that point.

That doesn't always work as others have already said.From personal experience,ever since i was like..grade 5/4,teachers started not giving a **** and would be like,"Oh you guys are not grade 1 kids anymore,you should just settle it yourself."

venus89 17

Teachers and principals can only do so much. If its at the mall or right off property, can't do much. I would also talk to your parents and see if they have ideas or a sibling.

I agree, bullying is illegal. Bullies are just cowards who have a favorite victim. Don't let her walk over you. Report her. This is the mature and wise solution. Don't stoop to her level of aggressiveness otherwise you'll get into trouble too. Better her being expelled than you, right?

fmyboyfriendslif 5

The same thing happened to me in 7th grade! A girl that hated me shoved my face into a water fountain, knocking out two of my teeth. Yet the principal did nothing to the girl.

ulis_fml 6

If you want to solve this problem you will have to do it. Life isn't fair And that's what most of the teachers and principals learned when they were going to school. Telling them to help your bullying problem is similar to asking the government to get us out of debt.

61 Sue the girl and the school.. The school is required to attempt to make it a safe environment for it's students.. Clearly he failed to do so there.. If that doesn't work knock all hers out..

Just go to the police. It's assault. Plain and simple.

Sorry #2, but telling adults or ignoring it doesn't work. In 7th grade there was this girl who would constantly insult me or tell me to kill/harm myself. Teachers didn't do shit. I ignored her, but that just made the bitch madder. She told her boyfriend to punch me, I pinned him and broke two noses and three fingers that day. That's how the bullying stopped. I knew violence wasn't right, but sometimes it's all you can do. OP, violence is never the answer. But this time it's the question, and the answer is ******* yes. Beat her ass.

#2-(Not trying to be rude) You need to learn that nobody gives a sh*t(Excluding family or good friends). School faculty members are probably dealing with enough problems of their own(Not all,but many).

OHai15 12

Jesus, OP!! Are you okay?! You should totally pressed charges or something, that is beyond ****** up. Bullies suck. Hope you get better.

Because no one seems to be backing 2 up, I'll just throw it out there that my school takes care of even the smallest problems (they care so much it almost gets annoying, but hey, issues still get resolved). So don't generalize. OP if your school has any type of mediation system, look into it. I say take the high road, but if she doesn't get at least addressed by an authority at your school for busting your lip on a water fountain, she won't learn a thing. Police can always be an option for this.

kxxjoejoexxk 8

How the hell do you pin one guy and break two noses?

That's for *******. They're going to make fun of OP for snitching. The fastest way to make an enemy to bow down is to show them how it's played.

I know that reporting to teacher or the principal don't always work, but there's a chance. If you don't report it, there's no chance at all. Of course, if you report it and the school doesn't act, one should take further steps. point out to the principal that it's his responsibility to actively fight this kind of behabviour withing the school, have your parents or guardians nag them, even have them sue both the school and the bully or bullies if nothing else works. Getting it in the media might also work, but there's always the risk of being branded an attention wh*r*.

Just no, in this situation it will only result in further bullying, i actually facepalmed when i read your comment

I agree with 33. I haven't had luck talking to them. they say zero tolerance and ignore it when there's a bully. My parents told my bullies parents and she got in a crapload of trouble. Kind of lame but it worked.

Bullies Suck! Try to inform the authorities. And hopefully it'll stop. I'm sorry you have to endure Someone like that. Just stay strong.

I want to know what the insult and comeback were! But that really sucks, FYL

PhishloverA 14

Yeah I agree #4. I wonder who got in trouble. OP, At least you stood up for yourself with words though and didn't take what she said, that's good. Don't let her ruin your life. She may try but don't let her, and keep your head up. I'm sorry about your injury(ies). Definitely talk to an adult

"Who you calling a cootie queen you lint lickerrrr!" *falcon punch*

kxxjoejoexxk 8

Well considering districts are retarded now if your in a fight or even watch a fight its automatic suspension and giving three or more stitches in any form of bullying is automatic expullsion im all for fighting in the situation

117- that is DEFINITELY not how it works around here. The one that started gets 1-2 weeks of PASS/ISS (possibly alt school depending on intensity of fight) and the defender just gets a talking to. Nothing happens to the observers. However if they both went at each other, both get PASS or alt school.

What is the "PASS?" Sorry just never heard of it.. We have OSS and ISS..

What is the "PASS?" Sorry just never heard of it.. We have OSS and ISS..

129- I have no idea what it stands for, but it's just ISS.

Chocolate chip hell yea! *snacks happily*

117- at my school it's similar, but not that bad. If you're in a fight, it's an automatic 5-day suspension and you'll be hauled off in handcuffs to Juvenile Court, no matter how severe the fight was. Two repeat offenses and you'll be sent to alternative school and not allowed to return to the school for the remainder of the year.

Be confident, if you aren't fake it. Because bullies are vulnerable, they target ones that look or are vulnerable. Honestly, I wish I stood up for myself more... I'm not going to let it happen to me again. But teachers suck, they don't do anything, they try to pretend like it's nothing.. Year 7 was the worst year of my life school wise. But I have to thank her, because it did make me stronger.

This is my FML. I made an account to comment. I play pen&paper D&D with my dad and she was getting on my case about playing the nerd sport and how pathetic it was. I told her that at least I can have a relationship with my father that doesn't involve him paying for abortions.

Most people who mock others for doing 'nerdy' things are unintelligent arseholes anyway. I've yet to meet an intelligent person who thinks that's a real insult.

I wish I could shake your hand, OP. That comeback was a thing of beauty.

I wish I was allowed to thumbs-up this comment.

Epic. At least you were standing up for yourself. Violence on her part proves she's just a monster at heart.

Brilliant OP! And my friends and I play D and D a fair bit - if you are with the right people it can be really fun :)

Chris20003 17

Oh.My.God. I love you. That was the -best- comeback ever...Sorry it became a physical confrontation though.

Way to go OP! Teach that bitch a lesson!

OH SNAP. That's a great comeback. Keep standing up for yourself, OP!

zfchatroulette 24
Soniye 14

You know her hitting you means you actually hurt her "feelings" cz it's true xD

I had to screenshot your response and save it forever. Thank you for making my day

SailorSolaris 43

Ouch! You ice burned her big time! Nice!

elmateo_fml 9

Man I wish that would have made the bully cry

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Tell a teacher or the principal. If she does it again, do not be afraid to use self defense! Kick, punch, bite or scratch. just be sure you're not the one to start it or else you too will be in trouble.

imavelociraptor 6

At my school they don't care who started it. If anyone throws a punch you get suspended. Also, anyone chanting or recording a fight can get suspended. I would never get into a fight, at least not on purpose, but unless i want to get suspended i basically just have to sit there and take it because fighting back gets you in trouble as well.

chlorinegreen 27

People provoke by saying things like come on hit me, hit me first, etc and has ruined it for the people who actually have to fight back for self defense. High school was ridiculous fights everywhere before they made that rule.

RvidxrKlvn 8

Same here, 20. You practically have to wait till your pummeling is over until you can go tell a teacher so you won't get in trouble.

20 even being a bystander will get you in as much trouble in my school

Wow, it kind of sucks that your school wouldn't allow self defense. My school always said a reasonable amount of self defense was okay, meaning that you were allowed to do whatever you wanted to stop yourself from getting hurt, as long as it was necessary and there was no way around it. Though we had camera everywhere, so maybe that's why. There was never any debate about who started it because of the CCTV. We even had a camera in the toilets (not the cubicles obviously, the bit with the sinks)...though I don't know if they had one in the boys' toilets, considering they had open urinals and stuff.

That is ******* bull shit, those schools need to learn a ******* lesson.. Why punish the victim, let the victim defend himself and not be scared of getting in trouble.. If the victim just takes it.. Then there is a higher chance the bully could hurt him bad enough to paralyze or kill the victim.. Also sue the school if you attacked because you were to scared to defend yourself... My parents personally told me anybody hits me I better hit back harder and they will deal with the school..

imavelociraptor 6

88- that's the thing though. We have cameras EVERYWHERE but it's still not allowed. It really doesn't make much sense.

imavelociraptor 6

120- my parents said the same thing. As long as i didn't instigate anything i can fight back. They actually said if someone even raises their hand to hit me to hit them first as hard as possible and to keep doing it so they don't get a chance to fight back. I think they might be crazy... But at least i'm safe :)

162 I wish parents of most bullied kids were like that..

Don't do that, OP. She'd probably like it. Plus, you don't want to get bitch on you.

fuckle 11

lwhen I read that I thought you meant literally and I was in shock for a few seconds hagahahah

Might be a good idea to invest in some form of martial arts classes, self defense is a great offense against a bully. Not that I know from experience, I've only fought my brothers and I've got a niggling suspicion that they let me win

chlorinegreen 27

Niggling? Lol that's a funny word

Before I knew the definition of niggling, I thought it was a racist term for black children

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Great idea, that way OP can get suspended/expelled from school and possibly a court date. No bully is worth that unless this was outside of school and the razor was used in purely self defense.

Fine 13, carry a gun. If you gotta go, go big! Jusk kidding. Don't kill/permanatley wound her, that is not the answer.

doglover100 28

Go to your principal. This is unacceptable

Although it sounds like a good idea to go to an adult, some adults aren't understanding and don't care. A little tip I got from my parents growing up is: if someone hits you first, make sure to hit them 10x harder. Even if you get your ass kicked, you stood up for yourself, and that's what matters. But never, ever hit them first.

doglover100 28

I've been in that position, it sucks. If someone puts their hands on me I will fight back. Hopefully some adult can help her.

wildsweetchild 19

Never give up and become a victim. Fight for yourself and don't anybody disrespect you!

wildsweetchild 19