By Eric Forrest - 24/02/2011 08:27 - United States

Today, while at a work meeting, I finally summoned up the courage to share and express my opinions about unprofessionalism in the office. After the meeting, I went to clean up, only to notice in the bathroom mirror that I'd had a booger pasted across my forehead throughout the meeting. FML
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perdix 29

Well, that snot very professional!

I don't use the word "epic" much, but that must have been one epic sneeze.


bogger head

nowIshallrise 0

LOL how does that even happen? xD

dpoole6132 0

looks like some one (puts on suglasses) is a snot face

That's (puts on sunglasses) snot funny


ohwellwhyme 2

The two choices are almosttt even!! :D 12675 to 12673!!!

godisnowhere41 5

the two choices ARE even 13200

needleinmypants_fml 3

you can alway say its a mole...

Your such an amazing example

Wow. Good shot. Not only did they get it on your forehead and you didn't notice it... but it stuck too. Someone in your office has mad skills... and sticky boogers.

cheex87 0

umm... a booger on your forehead? how does that even happen?! did you, like, picked your nose then proceeded to touch your forehead?

That's what I'm trying to determine. Sounds like a rogue flicker was involved.

kornhead09 0

^win ^.^

InnocentLies 0

lol ew that's gross rouge flicker. > _ <

SarahStarzz 0

maybe it was OP's bf/gf's boogers ?

you_failed 15

You should've cleaned yourself before. What irony! xD You talking about unprofessionalism and having a giant booger on your forehead! Haha xD

alliewillie 22

summed up? or summoned up?

Summoned the courage.

I don't use the word "epic" much, but that must have been one epic sneeze.

why would you have a booger on your forehead? sounds like you need tissues ;)