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Today, while walking down the street, I saw a man attacking a woman in an alley. I ran to help, and shoved the man away from her. Except it turns out he wasn't attacking her; he was getting it on with his fiancée. FML
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I better read another Fml from the man and his lady

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I better read another Fml from the man and his lady

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I'd rather it turn out I'm **** blocking than it have really been a man attacking a woman...

nofearjenshere 12

I hope they do post one so I can vote YDI.

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Today, I was attacked by a stranger while trying to do the nasty with my fiancé in a romantic alley. FML.

Anyone who said he deserved it, deserves a firing squad. Think about what that means if he deserved it.

At least you had the balls to help if it was a man attacking a woman, most people won't do anything.

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Just moderated the FML for the fiancé on this story. Woo hoo!

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Did he shoot you with his gun?...

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No good deed goes unpunished...

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No sex shenanigan goes unpunished

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Doesn't matter, had...., oh wait.

152 i friqin hate dat comment so thank you but it was not needed

Aww thats sweet of u.. At least u manned up and went to help her even though that was not the situation...... Don't hesitate to do that again if it ever happens because one could actually be in danger.... So what u did was right :)

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I was attacked in front of a gas station, under the canopy lights, with 5 witnesses. All of them gave statements later, none helped me in the moment. You're a good person, OP.

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82 - When you classify sex as "doin the nasty" it should be **** YOUR Life

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Since when does shoving involve murdering (aside from shoving off cliffs and such)?

If shoving equals murdering, I'm a serial killer.

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I think he was referring to the cockblocking.

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I think he meant like preventing a kid from being conceived? Maybe? Stupid joke anyways...

Clearly you're young and don't realize that not all sex doesn't lead to babies, OP never said if the couple had any sort of protection.

Whats this talk about murder now....? *sharpens knife*

#2. Doesn't that mean you kill every time you jack off? Or do you not understand what happens when you do the five knuckle shuffle?

Five knuckle shuffle, that's a new one. Bravo, sir, bravo. EDIT: mam'

Five knuckle shuffle, that's a new one. Bravo, sir, bravo.

106, try not using double negatives, it cancels your point...

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Whose ally was she in? Or did you help because she was in the same ally as you?

Wow, that must have been an awkward situation for both parties. Wonder what they said to OP.

hurtandabused 7

It makes me happy that op is such a good person. He wanted to make sure she wasn't being hurt. Thankfully it wasn't an attack but if it had been he is a truly great human being

At least you tried to help. Most people walk away because they're scared.

13, True, but still completely oblivious.

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13- It would have been cool if it was an attacker because he would saved a girl and probably gotten lucky, or get his ass kicked. Either one works.

Well, I would rather have someone push someone innocent off me than ignore it and get raped.

131 if you almost got raped I'm sure you wouldn't be helping anyone get lucky too soon. I commend OP for his bravery, there should be more people like you out there!

Definitely awkward. "um sir you can proceed with uh what you were doing. Nothing to see here"

They were doing it in public for a reason, they obviously wanted the op to join in ;o

Well it's a good thing she went to go have a look.

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Threesome?! Yes, yes?! No okay...

TheElderTROLLZ 15

"No threesome, but if you bring a fourth person... Count us in!" (I know I fail)

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Awkward... But you did the right thing. Well, if he was attacking her.