By Anonymous - United States - Vista
  Today, while walking down the street, I saw a man attacking a woman in an alley. I ran to help, and shoved the man away from her. Except it turns out he wasn't attacking her; he was getting it on with his fiancée. FML
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  Annpop  |  1

Aww thats sweet of u.. At least u manned up and went to help her even though that was not the situation...... Don't hesitate to do that again if it ever happens because one could actually be in danger.... So what u did was right :)

  twisted_cherub  |  14

I was attacked in front of a gas station, under the canopy lights, with 5 witnesses. All of them gave statements later, none helped me in the moment. You're a good person, OP.

By  DarylAndrew  |  2

You basically killed someone

  hurtandabused  |  7

It makes me happy that op is such a good person. He wanted to make sure she wasn't being hurt. Thankfully it wasn't an attack but if it had been he is a truly great human being

  ladyLALAA  |  28

131 if you almost got raped I'm sure you wouldn't be helping anyone get lucky too soon. I commend OP for his bravery, there should be more people like you out there!