By newcomer - Canada - Kingston
Today, to treat the family, I cooked something nice in appreciation for sticking it out over the past few tough months. Unfortunately, I chose this one day to not wear my oven mitts when carrying the food to the table, spilling the food all over the carpeted floor. FML
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By  JadeMinu  |  10

Damn.... Forget the carpet OP, you could have seriously injured yourself. At least it's the thought that counts :)

By  Regulate  |  21

Some metal tray has just come out of the oven at 200 degrees celsius. Let's just pick that up and walk around. This is not an FML. As some random teenager might say..."I can't even".

By  Lobby_Bee  |  17

I don't understand how the food would even spill. Wouldn't you be able to feel it being too hot to handle the moment you touched it? Use that muscle in your head next time you deal with hot food.

By  Cali  |  54

This made me think of the "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck *CLANG*" guy... I wish I could embed the clip here in the comments.