By Anonymous - 11/05/2015 06:59 - Canada - Maple Ridge

Today, once again, I explained that yes, I'm Russian. No, I'm not a communist. No, I don't pray to a picture of Putin riding a bear. And no, I don't have any vodka on me. FML
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No vodka on you? What good is being Russian? I'm sincerely disappointed, OP.

Wizardo 33

As any well trained sleeper cell is meant to do buddy.


Wizardo 33

As any well trained sleeper cell is meant to do buddy.

I'm from the middle east and people always ask me if i go to school by camel or not... now that's some bs

Qwermy 16

Mohammed, get your shit together. You missed the school camel again?

People would ask me if I actually have ever lived in a teepee. Dah fuq? They were serious too.

Ignorance is bliss, it sounds like you're around a lot of happy people.

ILoveMyArm 15

Hey, hey, hey! Why are you Russian to conclusions? For all we know, it could have just been one person asking her this stuff. Though, the way OP is Putin it, it does sound rough. What an annoyance to deal with, but OP should always remember that, when life hands you Lenins, make poison out of them and use it to an advantage.

Marx was German, not Russian. Stop Jeltsin around in facts and start inStalin correct info

Dillyduzit 23

I love them. When people find out I'm from Colorado I almost always have to follow it up with "No, I don't smoke pot." I get a good laugh out of it :)

I'm half Japanese so people always assume I'm obsessed with anime haha.

#47 im curious on how your state got the whole weed smoking stereotype last i checked amost everywhere kids/adults smoke it

It is now legal to smoke weed in Colorado :)

Dillyduzit 23

@66 Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. For some reason Colorado got all the popularity for it.

the numbers of people who started smoking after legalization isnt as high relative to he amount of smokers to make a big difference, most people who do it dont care if its illegal or not, they do it anyways. haha

tantanpanda 26

#47, at least people don't think you ride a horse to school everyday.

@74, I think it's because Colorado actually legalized it first, Washington took several months longer to implement the law.

or that we all wear cowboy boots and cowboy hats everywhere, stereotypes aren't everything y'all.

Haha I was thinking the same thing. That's a weird stereotype.

Because Putin banned memes about himself, why else?

I also thought that was a little weird

russia has a bunch of grizzlys i th i thought

Hot Damn Why WOULDN'T he? I'd Friggen LOVE to ride a bear! How cool would THAT be!?!

there's like a thing going around that putin said he wrestled a bear with his bare hands. and then he rode it. but no one knows if that's true lol

I'm Soviet Russia bear rides Putin... Had to get it over with before someone else did

It was basically a way for Putin to tell everyone how great he is. And from that Story came a lot of pictures to make fun of his ''I fought a bear and rode it''-statement.

No vodka on you? What good is being Russian? I'm sincerely disappointed, OP.

rdenkewicz 11

I don't have a hotdog and apple pie on me. I guess I'm a failed American...

I love your username! Very concise! Though I suppose it could have been shortened to 'No vodka? Disappointing Russian.'

That just seems a little racist at that point.

He didn't say it wasn't in him! Hehe

Nor do I have any maple syrup or pet polar bears.

SkylaChristian 18

I'm sorry OP, I hope people learn that stereotypes don't apply to everyone and maybe learn some manners soon.

I hate stereotypes, but every nationality, race, gender, religion, and sexuality has them. There's no escaping them. Ignorance is bliss.

Stereotypes are simply sociologically recognized patterns. They aren't perceived as solidified truths but rather speed up the process of generalized decision making. Because people have preferences that fit into a larger pattern. Saying you hate stereotypes is stereotyping as not all stereotypes are bad and negative.

You don't happen to be in America do you? I'm from South Africa and when we visited the US a few years ago I had to explain about five times a day we don't keep wild animals as pets. (As a side note, in Texas one guy asked what state South Africa was in)

liquifiednate 21

No it says at the top that he is in Canada.

Thanks :) sorry I'm on the mobile site

it says Canada at the bottom of the post.

But it says where he is on the mobile site too!

I'm surprised no one asked you why you're white.

A few people did but somehow they all belived that every African has at least one wild animal as a pet.

People stereotype everywhere. It's not just an America thing.