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  ILoveMyArm  |  15

Hey, hey, hey! Why are you Russian to conclusions? For all we know, it could have just been one person asking her this stuff. Though, the way OP is Putin it, it does sound rough. What an annoyance to deal with, but OP should always remember that, when life hands you Lenins, make poison out of them and use it to an advantage.

  brand125  |  17

the numbers of people who started smoking after legalization isnt as high relative to he amount of smokers to make a big difference, most people who do it dont care if its illegal or not, they do it anyways. haha

  hamburgerjung  |  23

It was basically a way for Putin to tell everyone how great he is. And from that Story came a lot of pictures to make fun of his ''I fought a bear and rode it''-statement.

  IDerive  |  12

Stereotypes are simply sociologically recognized patterns. They aren't perceived as solidified truths but rather speed up the process of generalized decision making. Because people have preferences that fit into a larger pattern. Saying you hate stereotypes is stereotyping as not all stereotypes are bad and negative.

By  Overlord247  |  20

You don't happen to be in America do you? I'm from South Africa and when we visited the US a few years ago I had to explain about five times a day we don't keep wild animals as pets. (As a side note, in Texas one guy asked what state South Africa was in)