By alii2349 - 11/02/2014 03:16 - Canada - Brandon

Today, I yelled at my boyfriend's cat for staring at me, then cried about it for an hour. Pregnancy life. FML
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Don't worry, I'm sure the cat didn't take it to personally.

Atleast it wasn't wheezing and plotting to kill you. Oh wait, cats do always plot to kill you.


Hope it's not a sequal to Rosemary's Baby!

Don't worry, I'm sure the cat didn't take it to personally.

Shit thanks #17. That's embarrassing because I was explaining the difference to someone last night.

cryssycakesx3 22

maybe she can just fall on it, squish it, and listen to her cat wheeze trying to breathe...

casual_commenter 9

You know they say serial killers usually start out by torturing and killing animals...

^^/You/ know that she was clearly referencing a previous FML...

#19 was it wheezing and not looking at OP too?

The cat still loves you. Don't take it to heart. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Best of luck to you! :)

Yeah, you really are a lot better off than most. My mom would scream about how our carpets looked more yellow than usual when she was pregnant with my brother. Congrats on the baby OP.

Hey, don't blame her for her hormones, same way I don't blame you for being an idiot.

Dude, she's pregnant. Quit being an ignorant prick.

blcksocks 19

I hope it is not plotting your death now

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I love cats. I stay on their good side so that when they take over the world, I get to rise to the top with them. ;)

Atleast it wasn't wheezing and plotting to kill you. Oh wait, cats do always plot to kill you.

Judging by your profile pic, you would know that well

TheDrifter 23

Not all cats want people dead. Some see the benefit in keeping the bowl filler around.

ZY1431 24

congrats on the little one. and don't worry im sure the cat is just fine.

mangoboy1 19

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Lil_Red777 21

lmao I was on birth control when I got pregnant, trust me you don't always choose it!

If you have sex, you choose the pregnancy life. You can try and prevent it, but there's always a chance it could still happen!

cryssycakesx3 22

God this phrase can go with: "that escalated quickly" "XYZ much?" "it is what it is" "shitty situation" & "you like it I love it." and the word "hater"

cryssycakesx3 22

and for the hell of it, all this"cats hate you." nonsense.

Having sex is not choosing pregnancy, goodness. That's a pretty ignorant thing to say.

#57, They weren't saying it was choosing pregnancy...they said it was choosing the pregnancy life, as in if you're having sex there's always that off chance that it could still happen even if you're trying to prevent it...

Thanks for trying to clear that up #65. It's not ignorance. All I'm saying is...if you do the dirty, even if you take precautions, there's still a *chance* you might end up with a mini-you. If you think condoms, birth control, or even getting your tubes tied, is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy... then you are sadly mistaken.

I understand what you were saying about a chance of pregnancy even while using precautions, and I'm well aware of that. I personally double up on condoms and the pill to help prevent pregnancy if one fails. My issue was with your wording I guess. You said "if you have sex, you choose the pregnancy life" which is pretty clearly not true and suggests that women deserve unwanted pregnancies simply because they are sexually active. It's kind of a negative message. Sorry if that's not what you were implying.

Irishopoly19 9

What exactly do you mean by doubling up on condoms? Do you mean you literally put two condoms on before sex?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#73, I think #70 meant that they use both condoms and birth control, therefore "doubling up"; not using two condoms.

I get what you're saying, mathmajor... take my statement however you want to. This is the internet, everyone is going to see things differently anyway. No sense in getting upset over something some random girl says. (:

This should be a First World Problems meme: I cried for an hour today, because the cat wouldn't quit staring at me creepily #FirstWorldProblems The good ole joys of beginning motherhood