By Vic - 11/07/2011 09:00 - Denmark

Today, it's my birthday. The present I received from my best friend was the exact same necklace which I gave to her for her birthday two months ago. It had been unwrapped and re-wrapped in the same paper. FML
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give it back next the same paper.


saaaalt 4

I'm generous, anyone want the gift that keeps on giving?

On the bright side you must of liked it to give it to her. So you got a "nice" gift.

sxe_beast 11

@Erm, do you mean 10 months?! 9+2=11!?!?!!?

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Haha, next year make a move on her.

give it to her for her next birthday...

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keep trading it off on each others birthday it could be a tradition

#1 is right. OP give it back to her on her birthday

NO way.. We clearly didn't understand that until you posted this comment... -_-

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you gotta slap a bitch... keep the pimp hand strong!

well at least she'll like the necklace since she picked it out

I don't think anyone got the Seinfeld reference, 2.

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I just gotta say I love your profile pic. thats all. carry on

true, but it's like OP but something for herself/himself.

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the best give to give someone is the one you want for yourself. lmao

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:O your username and profile picture are awesome ^.^

ah you noticed! haha, and same to you! love the icon. gee all the wayy

That's what you get for giving a shitty present.

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stop giving shitty presents

Well other than the shit present, I hope you had a great birthday!

give it back next the same paper.

DKjazz 20

But if OP reregifts it, then the friend will post on FML, too! And then she'll probably rereregift it!