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Today, my very handsome, fit, Russian boyfriend tried to make me feel better about being a little overweight by telling me, "It's okay, you're American, everyone expects you to be fat." FML
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I guess people assume Americans are fat like they assume Canada is a barren winter wonderland where the inhabitants live in igloos, ride moose and polar bears, and are governed by Tim Hortons. :P

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maybe he was joking...? I thought it was funny...


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**** those people. Americans are ******* amazing. we are free to do what we want. stupid ******* fast food. I'm not fat, though. :/

Probably not first for long #1 so.... Americans are fat ey? I'll argue that point after I finish my 20-piece KFC drumstick bucket, my 2 Dominoes pizzas, and this 5,000 calorie burger I made from scratch. People can be so blind...

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dump his ass date an American **** russians

dang! WTF? I'm sure he meant well...? :/

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12-Ouch, I'm Russian. And he was telling the truth. Still FYL for that. By the time this is up there will be a lose weight fatty comment up.

Your boyfriend is ignorant. F his life.

Your boyfriend is a handsome, fit Russian? Wow. Even your imaginary friends think you suck. FYL.

awh u guys are so mean ): im russian & not all of us are asses! just some of the guys are a little bit more outspoken.. jeez..!

lol he's not ignorant it's a statiscallyproven fact. atleast u dun live in Texas that's the most obese state in the US

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**** the Russians. They're going to probably set Moscow on fire with all there vodka anyways.

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Lol, I'm not from Texas but I live here also :P

Excuse me.. I live in Texas and I'm not obese.. so yea I stand by my statement

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I have a horrible feeling this is going to break out into a fully-fledged comment war over the superiority of Russians or Americans.

30-If we find it fit we will bomb the houses of all who disagree. Russians win >:D But seriously, the cold war is over. America: Give up and stop portraying Russians as the evil ones.

i know! we made it to the moon first enough said lets leave it at that mmkay stop hatin (: start lovin! besides 28 is right- suck it up you pansy (: nuff said.

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36 the cold war is over, stop trying to portray Americans as the bad ones

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1.)America has more nukes than Russia, suck it 2.) our president Is black( +10 points son) 3.) were not France, nuf said.

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omg WWIII is going to be started over FML, thanks OP.

36- LOL! Stereotyping hater hates stereotypes America=every american=me not every American is bull headed, I'm sure there are dumbasses in Russia as well

42-Sorry, we never portray you as evil, we don't need to see a "Moscow Jones" movie to know.

omg i see both sides to this & its not ******* pretty can we just stop right now? OP ur a bitch for starting this thanks alot ):

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yeah hes right every1 expects us to be fat cuz of fatasses like you eating all the food and giving us that label.

well atleast he didn't dump you for it be glad he loves you for who you are and not what you look like I don't think I've ever seen a Russian person in person before o.o I wanna see...

 FTW even though it was supposed to offend me

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both countries have been "evil" at some time dumb dhits

Wasn't meant to offend, was meant inform Cha-ching  Good job at not taking the bait and atrempting to argue with me

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Lexa, no this isn't a fake Raleigh lmao. My other account is out of commission right now :P.

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22 everything is bigger in Texas even the people. not a bad thing. and op boyfriend right. we are a very fat country but back in the day that was a sign of wealth.

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no, Asians are superior. well, just the girls anyway…okay, just the hot ones. xD

in soviet Russia, boyfriend is American

69- Well, Russia is Eurasian and they are commonly hot there under 30. So thank you for emphasizing my point. It's annoying how if you ask most Americans what country Russia is in they might say Asia. Notice I said most. Btw I heard that 1/3 of Americans can't identify North America. Is this true?

lol it's been a while since I've read a soviet russia joke on here

74, I think you meant continent not country.

if u speak russian but were born in america then ur american u still have russian blood though.. less, but nontheless, russian blood. if ur immigrant but are citizen now ur still american. he can be any of these & stereotype himself but i think he just meant well why take it so personal?

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I'm from Texas too lol. Also I live In like one of the fattest cities in Texas, yay :) Raleigh go to bed lol

77 Yes, that is what I meant but what I said is also true.

78-I was born in Russia if that was directed at me. FAFP

haha we're not France! That comment officially wins this whole debate.

well, considering it, a huge chunk of that 1/3 would be kids under the age of 6-7 who couldn't locate north America because they never have been asked that before and I'm 100% sure 1/3 of amercans over the age of 18 not able to find north America on a map is most definatly not true There are dumbasses everywhere we look. I am fortunatly not one of them 

This is turning into an all out flame war. I'm out for now. Bye people

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79 Texas has 5 of the fattest cities in America, you're bound to live in one.

#89, you're a dumbass. Anyone who asks if 1/3 of a country's population can locate the continent they live on is an obvious troll and a failing one at that. Goodbye.

nena sshhhhhhhh!!!!! come on let's go to the gym I can give u an 15 days freepass ;-) then u can talk but I gonna save u right now ok hey he's a FHL.

max i wasnt directing that towards you or anyone i was just simply pointing it out. loren go to bed (:

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92, yea okay well I live in THE fattest city in Texas, and the third in the U.S. lol

Freeze, I don't get how that makes ME, the dumbass

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Guys chill. It is true that texas I the fatest state in the fatest country. It is a proven fact. If you are from texas and not overweight, congrats on beating the odds. But it doesn't change facts. Also Russian and Americans. Both countries are full of both good and evil. But so is every other one. I have lived in both countries, and OPs boyfriend is right. But that's the way things are. Stop whining over the Internet about it. By the way. I live in the USA.

Noticed that after I posted it, SOTY. Tried to edit, got that "This comment doesn't exist anymore" message. Anyhow, meant #90. As for Texas being the fattest state... Take a look at where we're getting immigration from.

102- stop bringing reason into my arguements that otherwise have no substance It makes them less fun

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Just trying to bring logic to the masses. lol

sorry, but I'm finding this FML quite fun since it's usually the patriotic Americans that start the arguments ;') Didn't know we had Russians on FML :) Hey! Guys, now you know what it's like on the recieving end of a stereotype (like you do to England, France (europe in general :P), Australia.). :) good times, there's just been an argument on facebook yesterday (on the 'i played pacman on') between america and everyone else because an English guy did the group. this meant putting the date DD/MM/YY. :P

Alright I'm out after I get a verdict I'm going to fall asleep listening to... All Time Low, Blessthefall, Nickelback, or Sum41? you guys choose Then I'll be out of your hair for another 12 hours

well..... goodnight (: time to sleep! you all should be sleepin too lol

nickelback, I've JUST been listening to them:)

nickleback bed now march!! lol (: night loren

Awright g'nite all If Today Was Your Last Day Comin right up

I just checked. Freeze, the statistics say that 1/5 of all Americans can't locate the US on a world map. Bye

My statistics say that 9/10 of Russians are retarded douchebags. Bye. Keep it up, I can throw a bunch of BS your way too. Until I'm part of an official questionnaire on where the US is on a world map, that argument of yours is 100% invalid.

Go Freeze  All i really care is 100% of me knows where the US is on a map so I don't care about that stat It's like saying 90% of all rookie QBs throw more interceptions than TDs. What if I'm in that 10% that is ****** amazing? I don't care bout them othuh peeps

Just look it up freeze, k? I'm going now, hopefully you don't call BS without checking next time, sound good? Maybe they'll ask you on the official 2110 census. Look, I don't know where they get the facts, all I know is the facts themselves and while it is always a good idea to test for yourself I am not about to ask all of you to locate the US.

You saw the Miss South Carolina video... Have a cookie. It's BS because I'm an American, and have not ever been asked to locate the map on the US. So before you tell me to do some fancy research, I can tell you right off the bat it's bull. You can say it's 1/5 all you want, but it's not 1/5. Now are you really leaving or going to try and respond with this magical research you've discovered?

Lulz at 134: "I'm hanging up now. Goodbye... No I mean it this time, I'm really hanging up... I'm serious, you can't stop me... I SAID I'M REALLY HANGING UP... "

OP is a whiney bitch. OP's boyfriend is a presumptuous jerk. And you guys are getting way too heated for this early in the morning. I can't even make myself read the comments.

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....okay....sorry but read some charts, America is grossly obese. I've played a game in LA to try to go ten seconds without a fat person walk down the sidewalk, and I always lost

69 FTW ;D (pun intended) out of no where she beings up Asians, what a funny one xD But I agree :D

46, While you're busy playing in to american stereotypes, here are some numbers you might want to familiarize yourself with:

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rushlee better check the history books USA was first to the moon not Russia Apollo 11 was the first moon landing

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Lmao # 51. And Lets not start talking about France Peeps! Or it's gunna get ugly.. You have been WARNED! : =p

**** you Russians lol. not all Americans are fat

Strange, I think Russians are far more easy to get weight. Espacially after their 30s. Vodka + lard, I could not tell any HEALTHIER life than this. Btw, I am a Chinese, not an American.

Tisk tisk us americans get offended quite easily... WWIII heree we come..

Today, I wimped out of a fight. my girlfriend tried to make me feel better by saying, "it's ok. your French. your supposed to be a bitch." FML

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ok so yes americans are fat but not all of them. im american and im not fat. im actually 5'6" and 120 pounds is that fat? im also a gymnast and run every day so its all muscle im not on here to brag im just saying. i havent been to russia but have been to europe and there were a lot of fat people there too every country even city has fat people get over it everyone. op maybe you should lostle weight bcause your boyfruend might be right.

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"i can see russia from my house!" lol had to be said sorry!

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my above post was for #154

46) Agreed about the French. Redsox suck balls. Nuf said.

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haha nice one op's is true though how Americans are more overweight than ppl of other country..cmon look at the amount of unhealthy food we consume each day...other than that I wanna see a pic of op's boyfriend..I like handsome and fit men ;)

So it's a slightly racist, playfully generalising joke. Big deal, most other countries are on the receiving ends of those stereotypes.

god, people who say things like that just cause other people to "expect" people from their country to be idiots.

#157 stfu you simple minded ****. Do you even know me? I believe you are the stupid one for making that stupid comment. I think you're mad... yea you're mad. Take a seat.

to you people calling the guy ignorant and stereotypical...the world DOES expect americans to be's not him being's the world...was still a stupid thing to say though..but he did try to help and obviously doesn't care if you're a little overweight..I really don't think this is an fml...people cry over everything...

74- I was at a supermarket once (I live in America) and the people at the cash register were trying to name all the continents and they couldn't do it. So I wouldn't doubt it.

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You go 83! But yes. I live in Texas and I'm not fat. So.. Why can't we get along with people bigger than you may be? They are people like us too, just cause they are overweight a little (or alot) doesn't change anything about who they are. Stop criticizing America because there are fat people here. They didn't do shit to any of you. And also, stop criticizing the Russians. Okay, maybe the guy was a little ignorant, but that doesn't mean you gotta go criticize the whole nation. There are lots of people not like that there and you criticize them for one guy who was a little rude, but he was saying the truth. Stop yelling over FML please:(

Canadaaa ftw xD and well Americans have alot if big people, but not all of them are fat! and Russians... well idk I've never met a Russian. :s

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WWIII. in fml is now underway! where are my tanks biatches? :$ oh and thanks Op I hope you feel bad for starting WWIII, YEAH THATS RIGHT FEEEL THE PAIN OF EVERYONE! FEEELL IT!!! xD (:

I can end this: All Americans = obese gluttons All Russians = depressed alcoholics Wait. . . neither one applies to everyone in the country? What a shocker!

do you ever think about all the people killed by USA bombs for last 60 years. Do you ever think that all you "have" is because it was taken from someone else??? We did not need your "freedom" and false democracy and never will. The world is awakening, no nation is more hated than yours, thanks to " human rights" your government is dropping from the sky.

#199, I think our country is very free. Just Google 'Westboro Baptist Church' and then look at some of our radically liberal Congressmen. If those two groups can legally coexist inside one nation and that's not considered free, then I don't know what is.

In Russia people say what they really think.

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"Ahem..... **** CANADA!" (South Park reference)

you guys all say we r fat but take this into account- we are a little over weight because we r one of the RICHEST COUNTRYS IN THE WORLD SUCK ON THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dam u russians

oh seriously 212, what has being rich got to do with being fat? dumbass. and anyway just like #205's comment, u guys arent the richest nor technologically advanced country....... it is statistically proven, btw, that 1 in 3 americans are fat. thats why medical equipment in ambulances in ur country has to be able to hold up a certain weight so they wont break when obese people require it...

151 you are an idiot, Russians were the first ones in space, Americans were the first ones on the moon.

1/3 of the world hates america.... couldn't resist throwing some bs to start this up again!

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**** Russians, America is badass and Russia is just pissed cause they lost the arms race to us and will always lose to us.

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46 = big win, you sir, are badass

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wow he's awsome! because Canadians are waaaaay better than americans so yeah. and steriotypes come from truths.

ur Russian Peice of shit should go back to his country were there to poor to eat, an bring you with him so u can't eat either, badabing kill. two birds with one stone. A. you won't have a weight issue and B. we won't have a ungratefull Russian immigrant, hattin on the greatest country in the world. why does he even live hear, if it's so great in other countrys than stay thier

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46, Russia doesn't need nukes, they're not ******* cowards, they use normal weapons, 'cause they're just plain awesome.

I guess Russians are ****** snobs and u had better dump the fat ass!

261. this^^ :P love it how the only descriptions we get from the proud Americans here are 'awesome', and 'badass'. I see my country (enlgand): a little bit crap, full of people, hard to find part time jobs, slowly failing NHS (due to dole-grabbers and too many immigrants.), with ignorant people that hate change. But it's home. see your home for it's faults, and the good points are so much better.

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#126 Well the older generation maybe cant find the u.s on the map cuz schooling back then sucked, but i can identify the u.s, Russia, and England, ect. I can even locate some major cities in Russia. Not that hard p.s im only 14 too so most of us younger Americans are much more smarter than the older ones so that 1/5 will soon be lowered since our school system is improving.

yeah, I'm guessing that didn't really make you feel any better. I'm sorry to have to say it, but your bf is probably right... just sayin

199 Americans have killed sooo many people with bombs, huh? I seriously doubt we killed over 6 million people in WWII so don't act like we're the most violent people on Earth.

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you don't look Russian, they distinctly have small round beady black eyes and in a way look like muslims

marine10_fml 0

no, Russia can go **** their selves, commie!

redsox4021 you are the stupidest American i've ever seen hahahau think America has more nukes??? Obama held a prvate conference with putin on asking Russia to hold back or halt the massive rate of production of nuclear bombs. and FYI Russia dropped the biggest nuke in history over novaya zemlya.

well hey its true. isnt is something like 60% of americans are overweight? smh. im a size 5 but the average american woman is a size 12 or 13... yuck! op probably falls into that 12-13 category. so fhl for that. the average russian woman is probably like a size 4 or 5. slow down with the processed food and get active, don't just complain on fml :)

Americans hate Europe because they can't accept that we kicked them out or that they were the ones who had to leave because we didnt want them, or the fact they were all the servants/ poor people on the bottom of society.

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**** you man I'm Russian n if got something to say about Russian i dare you to say it in my face douch bag

chrisbreshears 0

so how is it in commie-land? hah but seriously, ma'am. U.S. Marine Corps! We were born to fight, and we train to kill.

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lmfao USA has more nukes kiss my ass why is America makeing nuclear solar power not nuke bombs why cuz America is stupid they think they can save global warming when global warming isn't caused by humans if you didn't know that's why the world is gonna end in 2012

AnonymousGalifrey 1

win im from the us i find that funny

chrisbreshears 0

your right man... start portraying Americans as the BADASS ones!!! U.S. Marine Corps!! let the bodies hit the floor!!

#267 *can't, U.S., because, I, U.S., etc., period after hard, P.S., I'm, much smarter. Yes, your newly improved school system appears to be tip-*******-top.

One last thing to add Our standard of living is overall higher than pretty much every country in the world. We have more money to spend, this leads to more of everything, including food. More food availability+mucho dinero=bigger and fatter people I detect jealousy from all them hater countries  Blame Canada!

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Okay. #267: You fail at life. OP: it's fine to be a little overweight. I would find this more of an FML if he said "It's okay, you're American. All American's are obese".

this is so true. i'm from Canada and I just went on a trip to Orlando and omg, it's like healthy people are going extinct there. never in my life have I seen so many fat people. probaby has to do with the fact that portions are so big there :/

If the world was a village of 100 people, there would be: 57 Asians 21 Europeans 14 from the Western Hemisphere, both north and south 8 Africans 52 would be female 48 would be male 70 would be non-white 30 would be white 70 would be non-Christian 30 would be Christian 89 would be heterosexual 11 would be homosexual 6 people would possess 59% of the entire world's wealth and all 6 would be from the United States. 80 would live in substandard housing 70 would be unable to read 50 would suffer from malnutrition 1 would be near death 1 would be near birth 1 (yes, only 1) would have a college education 1 would own a computer So, like Story said, we have a much better standard of living and are fat because we like good food and can afford to eat it. I guarantee if other countries made the same $ and had good fast food at American prices they'd be pretty fat too.

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Who gives a shit, Canada powns :D

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102 the u.s. is not the fatest country dumbass

it's true. America is the fattest country in the world. Russia is... cold.... But I like the cold :D America is about half the cause for Global Warming, with all the trash they produce. So.... Everyone should just face that New Zealand and Sweden are the best countries :D

Americans are the world's fattest nation not only because they are rich. but because they are too lazy to eat at home healthier(arguably more expensive) and because fat food is huge over there. in other words unhealthy foods Whig make you fat. this prove some of your points wrong

At #21- That is soo true! and btw, ur really pretty! :) love the dress... lol;)

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what a douche dump his ass back in his communist country in soviet russia....bofriend is steriotype

Russians are the master race. Get over it.

phreshboi 1

do americans really think the world revolves around them? cause that's the impression I get whenever I go there. sorry but I feel it's almost true, but hey it's only my opinion

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hahaha the funny thing is , the stereotype is true, smart russian

yo @ #5 **** america it ****** blows completely except possible cali

yo why are we talking about the cold war even though america won it still blows and **** it we dont need to be talking about it anyway its ******* over and it acomplished nothing

ay @ RUSHIE u said ur russian then said " we made it to the moon first" but america is still the only country thats ever been to the moon

351- when the entire world bitches about our faults and that we are too fat, I think everyone cares about who just got elected president of the united states, lady gagas gayass album that just got released, and what we are doing in the middle east. It's all over your news. So yes, technically the world "revolves" around the United States of America and what we are doing  I love pretending to be ignorant :]

you know, you're probably wrong about America having the most money. I once heard that there's an electric sign on (wall street?) a street that said how much money Americans owed. it was in the trillions. and going up by tens of thousands each couple of seconds. remember, America is a capitalism country, so while some are fantasticly wealthy, some Americans might a well live with a tribe in Africa.

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Fatty. Anyway FYL OP, at least your boyfriend has a sense of humor and doesn't actually seem to be bothered by you being a bit overweight.

Howdyplz 2

1) Both Russia and America have enough nukes to destroy the world. A few thousand more or less doesn't matter at this point, seeing as we're not using them. 2) Yeah, but his race is irrelevant here, isn't it? 3) France has nothing to be ashamed of. France is a pretty awsome place. This is coming from an American (Who is not obese, thankyouverymuch.) Let's not have WWIII over an FML. The appropriate way to comment here is: Geez, that sucks, mabye you should tell your boyfriend that stereotype offends you. or: YDI for being fat. or: YDI for having an insensitive boyfriend. :)

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that's soooo cute. haha :D who cares though! apparently you have a hot toned Russian boy to let it out on, I think you'll be okay.

well guess what russian here's a stereotype for you. I find most Russians to be plain out RUDE. been to russia before on a tour. all the ppl were flippin bitches to this one kid that was like 15. I seriously felt like slapping the shit of them.

**** u Texas is awesome we r definately not the fattest ppl besides at least we r not Detroit

yea cause 1/3 of our country is illegal beaners

if u think Americans r so the fat then get the **** out dumbass

good job it's 2010 cencus and I completely agree w/ freeze most Americans haven't been asked to find America and when someone does ask most ppl r like gtfo of my face only the dumbasses actuall answer stuff like that and another thing that makes that study invalid is that 1/3 of our population is immigrants like u or illegals

wat about americans killed by other ppl it just teaches ppl to not **** with us and notice how hated we r and no 1 does anything about it except terrorists and we did nothing to them

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should have said " you are a Russian, everyone expects you to pop steroids and cheat at anything"

skitzoyd 0

not everybody who is overweight does it to themselves. many times it's genetic. I know a vegan that's overweight and she eats like nothing. but it's her family history

he prolly was jus tryin to make u feel better but failed at it/ i do that alot

and it's annoying when a Russian can't tell that Russia is a COUNTRY and ASIA is a CONTINENT dumbass. Americans-1 Russians-0

#159 nobody said that all americans are fat. it IS a fact, however, that america has the highest number of fat people out of any other country.

#424 isn't it annoying when a stupid American can't tell that somebody is using a second language and is bound to make a mistake when the language they grew up with used a whole different alphabet and completely different system of rules?

It will be the start of the new cold war. Only it will be a hot war. Because it will be a flame war.

How the hell does this have two thumbs up?

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your the biggest ******* retard ever. Texas is probably the least. get your facts straight

swagchamp 0

your.. the biggest dip shit ever. Ohmygosh. please just atop making up facts your a disgrace to your country

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41... America made it to the moon first... learn your history.

based on statistics, he is right. America is the most obese country in the world.

MacUser1986 5
dragonstrike94 8

Hey max a fact is a statement that can be proven or shown to be false... Although due to the state of things in my worldly travels I've met many people who couldn't identify their own country's location

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Maybe, but you are still dumb.

Rapt0rJesus 0

You aren't very smart, are you girl?

Max, he'll have to study the question first.

Why is everyone saying bye and then coming back.

I'm Russian, I live in the UK. Best of both worlds, so to say. I make quite a few "stereotyping" jokes like this guy has done, about just about every nationality that has famous stereotypes... Including, shock horror, my own country. Funnily enough, I never really mean them - while stereotypes are born from truth a lot of the time, I realise that not everyone fits into their prescribed categories. What I've found, though, is that #378 is completely correct: a lot of Russians are quite rude and don't have quite the refined manners of a Western member of society. Sad, though, that most of the Russians in this thread decide to prove that norton correct.

#429, I disagree. English is my third language, I've been actively using it for 6 years, and I study it at university. Know why? Because I BOTHERED to learn it. And that sort of **** up is quite colossal for someone who a, claims to be good at languages and b, claims to be fluent in English.

In response to everyone talking about the moon landing: Russia actually was the first to get there in the unmanned space shuttle Luna 2. If you wanna talk about WALKING on the moon then yes, America is the only one so far, so in a sense most of you are right in your own respect. Russia was the first country to the moon, but America is the first and only country to land (not crash) and walk on the moon. Sorry to be so pedantic about comments made years ago, but the ignorance was so overwhelming.

Um **** you. Those people stupid racist

Don't think about yourself, idiot. Be grateful that you have someone who tried to cheer you up.

Hey pal, did you just blow in from stupid town?

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maybe he was joking...? I thought it was funny...

I guess people assume Americans are fat like they assume Canada is a barren winter wonderland where the inhabitants live in igloos, ride moose and polar bears, and are governed by Tim Hortons. :P

No, that's only Quebec, and the rest of northern North America, excluding the US parts.

@possumisawesome What? Canadians don't ride moose and polar bears? My whole life has been a lie! :P

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...actually, no one thinks about Canada at all.

Canada: America's Hat! (Don't get your panties in a wad. I'm kidding.)

Irish, if Canada is our hat, does that make Mexico a bikini? My boyfriend will be delighted to know that.

Ha! Yes, rbg. But just the bottoms. Everyone knows how the US of A likes its knockers in the breeze!

Oh yes. I'm just wondering what "Americans" everyone's talking about. Since we're the land of immigrants and all. I'm still dying at the visual though, my boyfriend's Mexican. (:

iAmPaul 49

Canada ftw I'm canadian don't you dare insult us you fucknng fat ass americans.

why that's all anyone ever does to us. eh

purplemnm 9

haha Paul. You can't threaten them? if you insultmy country of Germany then I will cut halfway into your neck with a rust dull knife, pull your jaw apart, and play fetch with my dog using your mandible.

that's a good thing thoo ;) kinda xD

If I see one comment saying "Who?", I'm going to show you all why you need to Beware The Nice Ones.

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whyy youh tryina show off your bf youh coulda just say my Russian bf not " my ver handsom Russian bf" that's why youh diserved it for eating alot;

Wait...what were you trying to say? I don't think I'm being a grammar Nazi when I say you type like a moron, I think that's obvious. "Youh?" What the **** is a "youh?"

I don't think she was serious. She was probably poking fun at the "stupid American" stereotype.

texas_justice 0

...and who knows what "very handsome" means comming from a fat chick? that ruskie might be a fat boy.

texas_justice 0

...and to her, "fit" might just mean he can still tie his shoelaces without assistance.

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Hahaha so true. I'm Russian, and I tell my American friends that all the time. Everyone knows America is the fattest country.

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Not true. American Samoa is, with 93.5% of their population overweight. The US places third, which is only .2% higher than Germany, 3.8% higher than Bosnia, 5.3% higher than Croatia, and 5.7% higher than Great Britain, the European countries rounding out (so to speak) the top ten.

it's unfair to think of it that way, Europe has many countries in it, North America only has two - Canada and US.

Yeah... aren't Mexico and all of the islands like Haiti and the Bahamas part of North America?

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the only fat Germans ive ever seen in my 15 years of living there is the older women who had like 4 or more children.

Umm I know at Russian people too... Also just because someone doesn't look, "fat" it does not mean they technically aren't. Someone can have a thin frame with a lot or fat on it, look normal size, and e considered obese.

But, the US has a larger population than that, so technically, wouldn't the US still have more obese people?

America isn't the fattest country out there, but obesity is still a large problem. I'm American and I don't give a shit about the insults other nations throw at us. It's just better to nod your head and move on.

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...actually it's better if you put down that big mac and move on.

am I the only one who imagined him saying it in the Russian accent? hahha :)

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YDI for being American? I hope you're kidding, 'cause that's a fight in MY country.

Yeah. Your ass had better be kidding. Don't try me. I will sit on you.

Damn it. Are people really this ******* stupid?