By Anonymous - 14/03/2012 06:15 - Australia

Today, a Russian guy came up to me on the train and informed me that I look exactly like a typical Russian woman. He then went on to explain that I even had enough fat to survive their cold winters. FML
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Honesty must be a big thing in Russia..

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Honesty must be a big thing in Russia..

I know gay identical Russian twins, they are absolutely brutal. I have heard them say many inappropriate things in public and wait for the day it gets them into trouble!

MatheusRajuidas 5

-sigh- And that's the reason I hate being Russian, being compared to this dark mass of meat...

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It's okay 32. You don't count, 'cause you're on FML.

both of them are gay??? that seems awesome!!!!

32, agreed. The majority of Russians are just plain rude, I hate to be associated with that country at times...

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Yeah, we're a vulgar lot. Better to be honest than a liar, in my opinion. I on the other hand, am not ashamed.

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Was hoping to read sum "in soviet Russia" comments.

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I know a guy from Romania that is equally rude.

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Haven't any of you ever had a brother??? You're supposed to respond in kind! He calls you a douche you call him an ass. Simple concept.

MatheusRajuidas 5

I indeed am sorry but it's not just the vulgarity but also the supreme level of social and global idiocy in this damn country. Oh and btw, I have two brothers. And btw, the vulgarity in Russia has it's roots growing in the soil of the stupidity average. And to finally satisfy everyone: "In soviet Russia, breakfast eats you."

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At least you know that you can survive a Siberian winter. All the skinny people would die off in the first few weeks.

nonamericandolla 6

I think he's right! My grandma says she been a Russian many times and winters ARE cold! Pay attention just incase...

Did he say you look like you cold handle their Vodka too?

What is it with crazy people on trains? I swear they just hang out on the train all day, waiting for unexpecting(sp?) commuters to pounce on!

Unexpecting isn't a word. Instead try the words "unexpected", "unaware", or "unsuspecting".

Thank you, I knew it didn't look right I am just tired and was too lazy to check! :$

unsuspecting is what she was going for

I thought so, but I offered more choices :)

bballsoccerrocks 7
bballsoccerrocks 7

I don't k ow what it always double posts for me

Lol a double post? I doubt that cuz there is a 3 minutes difference with ur first one...

I'm a bit of a dipshit. You can come live with me, but I'm afraid the only body parts I'll be rubbing warm are my incredibly small nuts. ;)

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But then OP won't be able to survive cold Russian winters. /:

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The Russian way to pick up women?

I think there would be a lot if single Russians in ghat case.

*that. Gosh, sorry grammar Nazis, I am having a shocker tonight!

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I'm dating a Russian guy. He has his quirks, as does anyone. But he is no different than anyone else just because of where he is from.

Or #46 you are an idiot and will stay with anyone ;D

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FYL, that guy was an absolute asshole. It's bad enough to just start talking to someone on the train without them being reciprocative, but to say something like that is horrendous. Don't pay any attention to him.Dick.

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Everyone calm the **** down. COUGH Person above me COUGH

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Chill out jizzathon, he was giving her a compliment.