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Today, I found out my roomie has lost her only source of income. This means I'm responsible for all the bills and the rent. I would kick her out and get someone else, but she's my mother. FML
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First off, the OP just said that the very reason they're NOT kicking her out is because she's their mother. Secondly, stfu, because the parents decide to have the baby, not the child, AND they have less taxes


Oh my goodness can you think of nothing better to write than "that sucks"? We obviously already know it sucks hence its existence in FML

Geez, you're on a roll with catching people who leave stupid comments.

Lmao I comment on like every one I see just cuz it irks me :p

She supported you for at least 18 years, it's time to return the favor.

Quite a task you are taking on! I wish you luck.

Haha thank has indeed proven to be more difficult than I thought

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OP, how old are you? If you're above 30 kick her ass out! She needs to learn she can't mooch off you.

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Considering she literally and metaphorically suckled the tit of her mom in order to survive. I don't know about you (52) but I wouldn't kick my Mom out.

My parents dumped me with my grandparents, and sent me to an orphanage after they died...I would tell my mom to get the **** out.

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80 you dunno if its a she :L And what the heck it doesn't suck that much. She ******* raised you an paid for your dman bills and all. Now its your turn mofo >:U Stop comlaining.

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But your parents can they have dumped you if theyd died. And im sorry to hear that.

No, my parents didn't want to take care of me after my grandparents died. My actual parents are still alive. Sorry for the confusion.

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Ok 97 he/she ._. and 100 (even though you're the same person) I think 96 meant when his grandparents passed away, that was when he went to the orphanage... that's so sad. :( You have lived a hard, struggle-filled life 96 and I'm sure you'll be rewarded somehow in the future.

mines didn't, I would kick my mom out in a heartbeat

97-what kind of parents do you have?!! :'(

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Oh im so sorry T.T I feel like a dumbass now

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Im also sorry for my confusion cause after i said '80 you dont know if its a she' i meant the rest for OP. soorrryyyy~ ^^

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124 - i have good lovable parents thank you for asking. Lol. Even though theyre strict :P

I love my mom! Sucks though you need to pay for everything but hey! Lottery is always an option :)

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To 123. It's simple, it's called karma. Good people are always rewarded. You and I may never see it, but truly, it does happen. All the good you do in this life, will come back to you. That said, it goes the same for evil people.... It will always come back to them in one form or another.

No, her parents dumped her in an orphanage when her grandparents died. Do you get it now?

When you have a child, you have a responsibility to take care of them. When pure child has a child, it is their responsibility to care of it. It is not your child's responsibility to take care of you, although, if you were nice they may do it anyways.

Don't send her to a retirement home, they cost thousands a month.

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I could never send anyone in my family to a retirement home. After my mom worked as a CNA in a local home, she begs that no matter what happens we never leave her there. Crazy shit goes on there guys.

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3-- u seem like a very interesting person. Very different views, wouldn't mind picking your brain.

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Why don't we send you to a retirement home =.=

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Just don't go to "bring your kid to work day"

Lmao, brutal! Mom can't make the rent, so send her out stripping!? Nice.... (Wonder if Ron Jeremy kept his kid at home on career day too, GoW Chick. Kinda really hope so....)

Uhh eew it depends if shes got the body for it

It's a mom, chances are she's not got a body. Sorry to ruin your fantasy there.

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Well, I'm sure your mom had to pay all the bills when you were little... so its not that bad.

Stole the words, right out of my mouth. OP, everything you spend on your mother, will be paid back to you by your kids.

Have you ever had to support your parents with the small amount of money you get when you're young? It's terrible and depressing.

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Well, she took care of you for years before you were able to do so yourself...if you have the room, just get another roommate to help you out with the bills. Your mom will probably find another job...

no food water or electricity for her!!!

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can she get wood for her coffin then? or for her spear to hunt stray animals?

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flockz 19

"come to speary, yes that's it. bring rufus too, i know he's in there."

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Always take care of your parents....remember you too one day will require care :)

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Didn't they already require care when they were younger...?

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Despite I get pissed at my mom, I could never kick out her out. FYL

Hey she took care of you for 18 or more years off her incone so you should help her out too