Bad car day

By Jess - 12/03/2021 14:01

Today, I got not one but two flat tires after hitting two separate potholes big enough to take chunks out if my original rim and to bend the shit out of my spare. This was in about a 3 mile radius and within minutes of each other. FML
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I don't think you've been to Ohio or Michigan. You can't avoid them; Potholes ARE the road.

Sounds like you need to slow down and pay attention.


Sweetie 5

Is Dominos still fixing potholes?

huh... didn't know you lived in Syracuse ny

Sue the city. It's not like you could lose anything from it lol

The City of Montreal has a special provision stating that you cannot sue it for potholes. However, you are encouraged to call 311 to report any especially big or dangerous pothole so the City can repair them later on when they feel like it.

OrySoma 11

here's a tip look out for pot holes and avoid them instead of seeing them and going let's run this bitch over woo-hoo

Sounds like you need to slow down and pay attention.