By NoPocketforme - 4/4/2021 00:30

Little shit

Today, I ate the last Hot Pocket in the house. My little brother threw a temper tantrum and poured a bucket of water all over my desk and Macbook. My mom’s response? “Aw he’s just a little boy.” My brother is 13. FML
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  jrn  |  14

Revenge is a Cold Pocket

By  DrSamba1  |  7

A relative of mine once lashed into me with an expletive-filled rant over something that was none of her business. I told another relative about it because part of the rant was directed at the second relative's mother. When the first one got wind of it, she started into a second rant, and then her mother started on how I threw her under the bus and I should be the responsible adult because I was 60 and she was a young girl. She was 25 at the time. Hardly a child.