By Anonymous - 24/11/2013 23:19 - Canada - Surrey

Today, while riding the subway, I fell asleep. I awoke to find that someone had stolen my glasses. From off my face. FML
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never fall asleep on public transport


It's funny how you changed your post bro. Perhaps OP had a very good reason for drifting off.

If I fell asleep on a shows if never expect someone to steal glasses. Ya they are expensive but they are made with your prescription and face adjustments lol

Well you can sleep all you want if you are with someone, but do not dare to sleep alone. :p

OP is lucky they didn't steal something more valuable... like a purse.

#1 doubt you'd understand that OP probably had a long day in work and was tired after. Happens to me after college sometimes.

Exactly #25 my mom lost her reading glasses while walking to a store and she found them hanging on a pillar by someone's house. Two weeks later.

All the things that could of been stolen... Why glasses?

#35 Glasses can be pretty expensive. Mine were £200 and I couldn't afford to buy them myself. My Mum kindly bought them for me and I'm now being really careful not to lose or break them. They're definitely worth more than the contents of my purse.

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never fall asleep on public transport

Yeah, don't fall asleep, just pretend to. Then you can catch the mother ******* and go alucard on there ass's.

@39 Your comment made me laugh so ******* hard.

I can't believe people actually steal glasses. I found out that people will steal glasses so they can sell the frames to somebody else that likes them when I forgot my glasses at college and try we're never turned in. Person at Tempe lost and found told me that after I check back for the 5th time

I would never dare to fall asleep on public transportation..not only would I probably miss my stop, but also be missing all my belongings D: Just be glad that's all they took? :p

Since OP is from Canada I have a feeling this happened in Toronto the people that take the public transit here are some of the most bitter freakshows you'll ever see ._.

I've fallen asleep on a bus before and believe me it was not intentional. I was only a few minutes away from my stop as well, didn't expect to suddenly fall asleep, but it happened and I ended up missing my stop and ending up having to ride the whole bus route until the bus turned around. When you're really properly exhausted, sometimes you just can't avoid it. Normally I'm paranoid as hell but on this occasion I was so tired I couldn't even think straight.

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That would make sense...if OP lives in Ontario, not BC. On a side note, I'm now scared about having to ride the Toronto subway next year for when I start university ._.

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Awwww Yeah.... Oh wait... where are my glasses...

Be careful when riding a subway OP. Hopefully they weren't RayBans

I hate how this one gets down voted. just cause he got ninja'd

Yeah now we are forced to read all of the comments before giving our own piece of mind, just in case somebody else had the same opinion..

If that is all that's missing, you should consider yourself lucky.

glasses are more expensive than phones or bags or clothing, so they did take one of the most needed and expensive items.

I don't know where you're getting your glasses. Mine are significantly cheaper than a cellphone or tablet or most of the other items I carry in my laptop bag on a reasonably regular basis.

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10- What glasses are you buying? mine only cost $250. My phone was at least $300 more.

there is a website where you can get prescriptions glasses for like 20 bucks, if you paid 300 you got bent over. i dont know the site name since i dont need em but im sure a quick google will get you right there

my glasses are for sure the most expensive thing i have on me! that being said i am a semi-broke college kid with a really old iphone. 200 bucks is a lot of money for some people!

That was some hard sleeping if they took them off your face! Maybe sleep with one eye open?

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Best of luck, OP.