By greatly disturbed - 07/03/2015 19:09 - United States - Elk Grove

Today, my little sister complained about a young boy in her class always pulling her hair. She asked when boys will stop doing it. My mom replied, "They won't, even when they're grown-ups," then looked over at my dad and shared a dirty smirk. FML
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Parents think they're so slick. Kids understand the dirty jokes by age 12 thank you and please stop

brunettesara5722 17

Lol fyl op, it can be worse though. at least you didn't walk in on it?


zanoty 17

Quick think of a funny comment u can be first uh uh "first"

Still waiting for the time people get that the FML community hates "first" comments

I think Zanoty was poking fun at all the people who scream "first"

then000bster 16

Maybe OP should be first, that way no one can have it.

You'll still be having fun when you're older too!

Damn right! This is the best FML I've read in a while. Whilst hearing that from your folks isn't favourable, it's much better than fighting, bickering, or a number of other things.

you should be proud OP. u have smart parents who know how to joke

It's just something they learned from 50 Shades of Grey.

iTzSelverZz 14

Boys will be boys.

Please that is not an ok thing to say ever

And those boys will grow up to be men. Single men, possibly not worthy of any girl. I'm guessing you're one of them...

That's a pretty shit saying. You're just teaching boys at their most impressionable age that it's OK to disrespect and harm women instead of teaching them that their actions are wrong

Denny1988 19

He isn't referring to woman abuse, so woman like to have their hair pulled or ass spanked during sex, they just like that bit of aggression with some passion

MehNameIsJuan 15

3, another downvoted comment...Your doing great!

Just no. It's a shit saying that justifies whatever crap little boys like to pull, whether it's just getting in trouble in general or disrespecting a little girl.

brunettesara5722 17

Lol fyl op, it can be worse though. at least you didn't walk in on it?

I can ride my bike with no handlebars.

I keep rhythm with no metronome

Lizardgirl 7

I can split the atom of a molecule

1dvs_bstd 41

#5 wow, such a badass. But I'm pretty badass myself. I eat cereal without milk.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I eat milk without cereal.

#54 You "drink" milk, not eat it. -_-

Gemma_Mansonite 20

The joke flew straight over your head @58 -_-

Great job ruining the fun, 58.

Oh yeah tough guy? well I can sleep with my eyes closed

I can run with my legs

Sneado 20

Boys won't stop. Men will.

You dont get it do you...

Yeah she was talking about hair pulling during sex hun. that's why they exchanged glances

Parents think they're so slick. Kids understand the dirty jokes by age 12 thank you and please stop

What's worse is when they know damn well that you understand the jokes and start making them in front of you on purpose just to gross you out

"Boys will be boys" is never a good reason. There's no reason anyone, female or male, should put up with harassment.

potato63 10

I think your looking to much into this, by my guess the kids are probably in pre k or first grade, around there. You assigning a criminal charge to a kid just being a kid. She didn't complain that it hurt or that it was violent it was just a kid pulling her hair, it happens at every school on every playground it's just how kids grow up,

That's ridiculous. Standing by the statements 'boys will be boys' and 'they're just kids' will only further cement into place the patriarchy and sexism that still (really fucking insanely) exists in this day and age. It's because of people like you that domestic abuse is still happening and women have to fight for feminism (even though, you know, it's basically equality.)

AlaskanChild 10

29 must be what it looks like when people from Tumblr go on to other websites.

Lizardgirl 7

Oh great the tumblr crazies are starting to spill into other websites

The thing is it everyone gets that talking to. A comment mentioned the whole "boys will be boys" which just excuses actions. I had a boy in kindergarten who kept pulling my hair and most people just laughed or said "he likes you!" Instead of doing anything to help.

Girls are told that when a boy is mean he likes you, and then when we're older we're asked why we like guys who don't treat us well, or the bad boys. *rolls eyes*

they shared a dirty smirk? how did YOU understand the dirty reference?

150493x 29

I think it would be pretty hard not to pick up on that.

grogers311 20

I think dad got pretty hard when he picked up on that...

oh that look...I remember that now....